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The 15 Stages of Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party at Home

The 15 Stages of Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party at Home

I’m knackered. Absolutely knackered. I have had a lovely day hosting a birthday party at home for Piglet’s 2nd birthday. Most people could come, enjoyed the food and she had a lovely time, I think!!

People think I am crazy to host parties at home and quite often I do agree with them. Lots of work and loads of mess, rushed off your feet but usually happy kids, which is all that matters.

I’ve hosted a good few parties for both my girls and every time go through the same mental stages. It always goes something like this….

  1. Let’s have a party at home. It will be lovely to have all the family around and see friends. The gremlin loves seeing all her little mates and I love seeing her happy little face.
  2. What the heck are we going to give everyone to eat and drink? Shall we do a BBQ or a buffet? Shall we buy a tonne of booze. OMG this is going to cost a fortune. Have we bought enough?
  3. The house is a total dump. I need at least start off the party reasonable tidy. Manic stress the night before and during the morning.
  4. Who is going to cancel? Someone always cancels. Their kid is sick, something came up but regardless we have less people coming.
  5. What am I going to wear and how will I have time to straighten my hair with all the party prep and my feral kids?
  6. Party time. Family arrive and all reasonably chilled. Friends and kids arrive. The screaming starts with my maniac gremlin, usually initiating it. Everyone of her toys is brought downstairs and if I’m really lucky taken into the garden.
  7. Food time. Where the feck are all the FORKS? Where is everyone going to sit? Why am I still not eating? Why can’t I move for plastic cups? Has everyone got enough?
  8. Survey the post meal carnage and attempt to clean up a bit. Put the dishwasher on and sweep the kitchen floor. Feel better but realise in 30 minutes we will be back to square 1.
  9. Sit down and try and chat to mates and family. More toys appear and more screaming. Have a glass of bubbly if not pregnant. Remember an hour later, not sang happy birthday.
  10. Sing happy birthday and cut the cake. Never eat any as scoffed too many crisps and feel a bit gross.
  11. Repeat point 9.
  12. Friends start to leave. Likely some kids will have a tantrum.
  13. Family and few friends left. Survey the damage. Dare to enter the gremlin’s room. Go white with the state of it. Invite friends to see too. Get slightly hysterical.
  14. Everyone leaves whilst trying the hoover and manically tidy, as will want some time to chill this evening.
  15. Bath the kids, put up with tired tantrums. Wish I could drink. Sit down in front of the TV and mentally think will never host a party at home again!!!

But why do I always do????

And why do I never take any photos????