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To My Little Piglet on her 2nd Birthday

To My Little Piglet on her 2nd Birthday

My youngest girl is two and I can’t really believe it! I feel kind of bad as it doesn’t seem as much of a milestone for her being baby number 2! You notice them getting bigger but suddenly the milestones come so quickly, a blink of the eye and you’ve not had time to ponder over them.

So this is for her…I’ve pondered…

I still remember you, my second baby girl being born, I reached down and pulled you out of the water and the bond was instant. I was so much more relaxed and calm, knew what to expect and loved you so much! You were born around 11.30am which gave me time to be awake and snuggle with you. Whisper in your ear and smell that amazing newborn smell. Have time with you and let you greedy piggy feed! You fed so much and were such a pro at breastfeeding from the get go.

Things have not changed. You love your food! I’m under no illusions that you may get fussier but I’ll take this girl who eats all the bits, all the onion and pepper out of her curries and pasta sauces, the girl we can take out to eat with no worries and the girl who loves her fruit and is obsessed with olives!

Your strops are getting worse but I can cope as they don’t last too long. Watching you throw things around and hit me isn’t so much fun but like all things with kids, I’m sure it’s a phase and all part and parcel. I’m much better at handling it though, second time around, you definitely don’t care as much and ignoring you is quite often the best thing to do.

Your speech is coming along so well. We can have little chats and totally understand what you are saying and wanting.  You are counting a little and can recognise some shapes and colours. The other day you pointed to a balloon and said “orange!”. We were so surprised and proud. I have no clue when I did this with the gremlin but it’s lovely to see you learn and remember! The not so fun side is you telling us to shush and stop it!

You are your sister either get on really well or are at each other’s throats. Granted the gremlin is a wind up merchant and will do anything to hear you scream and yell but she isn’t aggressive like you! The poor thing has to cope with you slapping and pulling her hair but when you cuddle when she comes out of school; it is so adorable.

My youngest baby is in her bed!! We used to let you, such a little monkey, fall asleep in our bed but we knew we were being lazy and putting off the inevitable! So a few nights of messing around and you are finally falling asleep in your own bed, not always staying there but hey! Small victories and so much easier than conquering your big sister’s bed time routine at that age.

I love watching you grow. You are so different to her big sister! So generous with the love and cuddles and are changing everyday. My little stroppy foodie who loves her babies and dolls and refuses to let her dad do anything for her!!!!

I love you my little Piglet and happy 2nd birthday!