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Pros and Cons of Holidaying Abroad At Christmas

Pros and Cons of Holidaying Abroad At Christmas

Going on holiday abroad at Christmas is always one of those things we have debated. Even with kids. I know a few families who have done it. Packed up and left the UK for a completely different type of Christmas break. Some go as a family unit and others have gone with their extended families.

Like anything I think there will be pros and cons. Could I really imagine going away over the Christmas period and leaving what I know. Leaving the usual traditions of home?

Trust me, we have thought about it and these are our pros and cons:


– Potential warm weather. Last year it was freezing in the UK over the winter months and the appeal of even 15-20 degrees in some parts of the continent was lovely. We may not be sunbathing and swimming everyday but the difference would be amazing and to not need a coat?

– No mess, no cooking and being completely looked after! It would be lovely to not have to worry about coping with a bomb site of a house, as the kids open their presents and clean up after lunch.

– Seeing Christmas from another countries point of view. I have heard some lovely stories from others who have said Christmas is really well celebrated abroad in certain hotels. It was be fab to see.

– Really being able to relax and not feeling the pressure of going back to work between Christmas and New Year, not having to BE anywhere and having some time with the family.

– Being brave and trying something out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut and it is a great idea to try something different and see what it could be like.


– Could I have a Christmas that is not cold? I’d put as a pro the warm weather could be lovely but would it feel like Christmas? I don’t know. Possibly if we went on one of the Christmas Ski Holidays I see some friends go on!

– Not being able to do our Christmas Traditions. It may just feel a little too weird, not sorting the presents out under our tree the night before or watching specific films or just having our Christmas routine. I think we may feel a little sad!

– We couldn’t take many presents so it may feel weird for the kids. Has Santa really been?? They will have to wait until they get home, which could be odd for them.

– Travelling over Christmas to me = delays, bad weather and potential disappointment. After our last holiday disaster, I wonder would it be easier to stay at home and avoid the potential stress?

– Potentially not seeing extended family. My Mum would be likely to jump at the chance of a holiday at Christmas, as she has said would like to do in future. But we couldn’t say the same for all family, so unlikely we would see people over the festive period.

Christmas abroad is definitely not a no in my mind. Not yet, as we have a Baby on the way but possibly when they are all older and perhaps all ready for something new and exciting!

Could you do it?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.