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16 Weeks Pregnant – Bump Update

16 Weeks Pregnant – Bump Update

I’ve just gone past the 16 weeks pregnant milestone and yes we know what the sex of the baby is!!

It’s A BOY!!! More to come on that.

It’s been a rough first few weeks; the first trimester spilt into the second and there were lots of things I seemed to have forgotten about!! Your body is very sneaky at doing that but I guess you’d never have any more kids otherwise!!

How Am I Feeling – 16 weeks Pregnant?

Better. Much much better but not 100% sick free everyday. After 10-11 weeks of solid nausea I was so glad as it started to pass a little. I’d feel sick pretty much on and off all day and even now I still feel a bit queasy after eating and if I get tired! But it’s much less, so that is such a bonus. I do feel a little more tired than previous pregnancies but I guess that’s been 33 and not 28 and already having two crazy girls to look after.

Food and Cravings

I’m finding my appetite is a lot less crazy than it was at the start and I’m trying to eat less and listening to my body. I take more fruit to work and have started making my salads again. I am also back on eating Greek Yoghurt and some of the foods I totally went off. Sadly this has REALLY made me fancy a glass of wine and this pregnancy, I’ve not had anything other than a couple of sips.


I’ve tried to keep up with my activity but it has been harder this time around as I’ve felt so sick and started with really bad pain above my knees. I know the lovely hormone relaxin loosens everything up and I guess it’s exacerbating my pre existing issues. I’m thinking I will need to restart my physio again to bet pushed into strengthening exercises! So I’m keeping up with cardio and upper body weights.

16 week's pregnant


Much better now the nausea is better. I think it made my mood very low on and off over the first few weeks. I also felt much more snappy with everyone, as he nausea was just so horrible and it does just sap all the enjoyment out of everything. I’ve found work really hard on the bad days and some days I even worried about pre baby blues. However, as soon as the nausea lifted a little, so did my mood so I knew was just feeling so rough that was making me feel horrible.

Body Changes

I’ve not weighed myself much this pregnancy. I guess as most of my clothes still fit apart from the bump area, I’ve only gained a little. I’m thrilled with my boobs again as I have a cleavage. Instant boob job! I need to go and get measured for some pregnancy bras. Apart from my sore knees I’m doing ok. I’m still a bit spotty but feel that’s gone a little since the nausea have passed. I’m very body confident when pregnant as feel it’s change you can’t really control. You’re growing a life and for a skinny, flat chested person like me, it’s nice to have some shape!

I also think I have started to feel some baby movement! Some small flicks and kicks which is all very exciting! It’s always hard to tell around the 16 week mark I think!

girl 16 weeks pregnant

So that’s where we are at the moment. I would definitely say this pregnancy has been my worst for nausea so far. The gremlin it stopped at 12 weeks, Piglet 16 weeks and this one….well! It’s not fully gone yet and I am longing for a day where I don’t feel sick at one point!!

See you at the 20 week update!

16 weeks pregnant



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  1. September 25, 2018 / 12:04 pm

    Yay! congratulations on your boy baby. Oh, you are going to find it so different looking after a little boy. You look fabulous for 16 weeks, it’s always nice to get a cleavage 🙂
    I hope the sickness ends soon. x