My Happy Week #120

This is almost the last week for the gremlin in reception. She finishes for the summer in 2 more days. I wrote a post for her this week, as I just can’t believe she is moving on! So sad.

So what has made us happy this week?

– The grem had her school fayre on Saturday and did a little performance. I didn’t think she would go through with it as said she was scared but she did, so was really proud of her.

– We had a family day on Sunday and headed to a National Trust place. It was lovely and hot and we had a picnic. We didn’t last too long, as we were all tired. The girls both didn’t go to sleep until 9.30pm the night before!!

– I had a lovely day with my Mum on Monday, we went for lunch and did a bit of shopping. I treated myself to a new Pandora bracelet and Mum helped me clean all my old ones too.

– The gremlin’s birthday assembly on Monday was lovely and it is their last one in reception. Sob!

– I had a couple of blog bits that have cheered me up this week, as it has been so so quiet!! Hoping onwards and upwards!!

– The girls were asleep before 8pm on Thursday night! That’s a record as I was solo parenting.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us; I’m having a date day with the gremlin and seeing family.

Have a good one lovelies!!