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Happy 4th Birthday to My Beautiful Girl

Happy 4th Birthday to My Beautiful Girl

Another year old for my beautiful second born. The time is flying and I’m always a little sad when 4 comes along, as I love the age 3 so much! It’s been a rollercoaster year, as we all know and we are all probably sick of saying. No party for you this year and we really hoped it would be your first but what can you do?

I’ve loved and struggled having you home for so long in equal measures over lockdown. I was so grateful to have the time, as knew you were starting pre-school this month but at the same time I wished you had stayed at nursery, as it was hard for you to go back. It was lovely taking you to the woods daily, seeing you learn to ride a bike and watching your relationship with your siblings grow. But it was hard!!!

I’ve loved watching you grow so determined this year and really show us who you are. We have had to remove all traces of flowery and feminine from your wardrobe and replace it with shorts,  jeans, hoodies and tees. You love Spiderman, Batman, Paw Patrol and woe betide anyone who even thinks about trying to get you to wear a dress or a skirt. I love this about you; your fierce determination and you won’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

We have been so proud of you starting pre-school over the last few weeks. I know you had been struggling a little with nursery after the lockdown; going everyday when your siblings were home but you love school. After a few tears on the few couple of days you have taken to it like a dream. I am so proud of you when I hear how “golden” and “good” you are. You are one of the eldest in the year, so that makes a huge difference but I know you are going to do well and I’m so happy you have settled in and are happy.

I know you are clever when I listen to you counting, or telling me your letters, or simply writing your name. You can already recognise some words and have started with some basic sound blending. I know you will be reading soon, with a bit more work.

You and your sister are so close but yet bicker so much. I love how much you both need each other, still top and tailing each night in bed! And we decided against getting bunk beds but it may not have been the best decision. You love to sleep with each other and I know as you get older, your scheming will get worse!

I know your birthday won’t be as planned. But you’ve asked for a sleepover in the lounge with your sister (god help me) and dinner at our local lounge on Sunday. Quite easy really!!

Love you so much gorgeous girl and Happy 4th Birthday!!