My Happy Week #131

My Happy Week #131

Another week of fun has passed and I can’t believe the gremlin is on her first half-term of Year 1! She is off to stay with my parents, has the dentist (!) and hubby and I are off with her for a day each alone, so should be nice.

So what has made us happy this week?

– I caught up with blog work this weekend, which made me happy. I always seem to have about 3-4 things due in one week and therefore start to panic.

– I met up with a friend I’d not seen in ages on Sunday and her kids, which was lovely. We went to a play village and they loved it!

– Another fun afternoon in reception! The kids are starting to get to know me, so are all over me!! Mainly the boys too!

– The gremlin had a lovely parents evening. She is doing really well, is happy and apparently loves the play, which made me smile. Mum looked after sleepy Piglet.

– I really fancied a Nandos and took Piglet on Wednesday. She loves the corn on the cob and olives! Was delicious. I also had a browse in the shops when she was asleep.

– I took a half day on Friday, which was lovely to have a bit of time.

– Going to see Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema. I have been dying to go!! Such a Queen and Freddy fan!

We have a busy weekend seeing friends and the gremlin has a party. Busy busy!!

Have a good one lovelies!!