My Happy Week #142

My Happy Week #142

It’s been my first full week of maternity leave and it’s feel weird but lovely at the same time. I’ve had three days kid-free to myself but been able to pick up the girls, keep on top of things and help hubby more. Calm before the storm eh?

So what has made me happy this week?

– Hubby and I went away for his birthday to Crewe Hall. It was lovely. We chilled, went for food, had a massage and caught up. Perfect. And will be our last break before the baby comes.

– I was told Piglet weed on the toilet at nursery. She’s not doing too well at home but grateful for small mercies eh?

– I’ve loved my time to myself. Been able to do some sorting, blog work and chilled (well a bit!!) I think I need to watch a bit more Netflix!!

– I got my hair done on Thursday and went really vibrant and red. My hairdresser always manages to make me go really vibrant!!

– Meeting a friend kid-free on Friday. We headed to Nandos and managed to have some good chats.

– I have managed to secure two afternoon teas with the blog this week. They are like buses but I love them, so happy days!!

We are hoping to get a bit more organised and see friends this weekend!! Not long until half term now!

Have a good ones lovelies!