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How To Stay Organised as a Busy Mum

How To Stay Organised as a Busy Mum

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Since having kids I always feel there is a million and one things to do. This would have been slightly more manageable with one child but now I am a Mum of 3, who has gone back to work, life is a bit more crazy! I am always asking myself about how I can stay organised as a busy Mum!

Some jobs just sneak up on you. You may realise you need to renew your house insurance or that the lease on your car is about to end and you may want to look into a new Land Rover lease. You may have childcare to sort over the school holidays or homework to remember. The list is suddenly endless and there is that very real risk of complete burn out or overwhelm.

Staying on top of the game is the best way to cope. Staying productive and organised can really help you feel like you can manage your workload.

Here are some of my top tips to stay organised as a busy Mum.

Stay Organised

Use a planner – I know I would never manage without my planner. It was only over the last couple of years, that I start to use one but it helps so much. I have three columns on it and can use it for my blog work, social media work and general jobs that I have to do. Having it written out in front of me just helps me see what I have to do and get it done!

Write lists – lists seem so simple but again can really help. If I am feeling panicky or stressed with the amount I have to get done, I always write a list. Ticking off each job feels great and allows me to see what I have left to do and prioritise.

Say no – this one really is a game changer. You just need to say no sometimes. If you know you will not be able to manage a task or simply don’t want to, politely say no. It takes a bit of practice but once you start doing it, you’ll never look back. This allows you to stay on top of your jobs, as not taking on anything else.

Ask for help – sometimes we all need some help. This can help you keep on track if someone else just takes on a little for you. Often my Mum will come over and watch the children, so I can crack on with something. My husband and I sorted the loft out whilst my children were at my parents.

Meal plan and shop ahead – planning meals can be the bane of my life but if you have a rough idea of what you want to eat for the week, it saves the usual panicking or worry about what to eat. I find this a lot easier now the children are back at school and nursery, as they do have their hot meals there.

Aim to do homework on a Friday or at the start of weekend – I’m a big advocator or getting my eldest to do her homework as soon as she gets it. Often Friday night or first thing Saturday am. Once it is done, it’s done and you have the whole weekend free.

– Do your washing during the week – Especially when my daughter is a at school I try and do the washing during the week. This can mean she already has her uniform ready before the weekend and I am not flapping about on a Sunday night, or even Monday morning, getting it ready.

Clean a room a day and don’t start with trying to do the whole house in one session – Since lockdown this is something I have been doing, as just find it impossible to clean the whole house in one go with the children around. Also the lack of time. Picking one task a day helps. One day I will clean the bathrooms. Another day, the kid’s bedrooms and then another day the lounge and diner. It does mean not everything it spotless at once but helps you manage.

–  Get your kids Involved with chores – this really helps with the housework. My eldest now will help me tidy up the lounge even if it’s not her mess! We have had to put in a pocket money incentive but she does help me. Another job off the list.

Being a Mum is one of the hardest jobs ever and remembering everything is even tougher but with help, lists and my planner, I do think I can survive and usually keep all my plates spinning!

how to stay organised a busy mum

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.