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CarGoSeat - girl sat on

We are starting to have some more freedom after an extremely long lockdown. It feels amazing. As this post goes live, all 3 of my kids will have stayed with my parents for one night over the weekend. This feels more than amazing. It feels EPIC! Hubby and I were pretty boring; sorting out our loft and just having some time together but still? Our first weekend alone. I know not all of us will be comfortable going anywhere yet but many people are already starting to cautiously plan weekends away and even holidays. We have postponed our holiday to Rhodes until 2021 but we are thinking about a holiday in the UK. Travelling always means packing. Packing means suitcases and travelling in both the UK and abroad with kids means ensuring you have the right car seats for them. This is where the CarGoSeat kills two bird with one stone!

We were really keen to test out and review the CarGoSeat.

CarGoSeat in packet

More About the CarGoSeat

The CarGoSeat is a booster seat which complies with all UK and EU crash test requirements and meets ERE R44/04 standards and is also a 10 litre storage case! This would be perfect when going abroad for luggage and to avoid hiring a grubby booster seat for your child. The personal touch and saves money too! There are 4 colours to choose from and a 12 month warranty.

CarGoSeat webpage

CarGoSeat is suitable for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller, so we knew would be for my eldest who is currently 6 years old. It fixes in any car using the built in 3-point seatbelt and has an easy to use seatbelt positioning guide. This makes sure the belt is at the right place on the child. You can also easily clean the CarGoSeat if gets a little messy when out and about or from eating in the car.

There are so many situations that you could use the CarGoSeat and the website gives you some brilliant ideas. Some include on days out, sleep-overs and on flights, as the suitcase will fit into most over-head lockers.

We couldn’t wait to give it a try!

Testing Out the CarGoSeat

As a Booster Seat

The instructions were very easy to follow for the CarGoSeat and it really is very simple. The seat has to be used with a 3 point lap and diagonal seat belt; not a lap belt.

You simply place the seat at the backrest of the vehicle seat and and open up the lap strap arms (your can see my daughter holding these below).

You have to ensure the red shoulder clap is the correct height for your child; shoulder height. You affix this to the seatbelt. This is really clear in the instructions, with clear pictures.

CarGoSeat - girl sat on

My eldest said it was comfortable and looked perfect for her journey. The seat was very easy to set up.

As Luggage

We had the perfect opportunity to test the CarGoSeat as luggage as all of my kids were off to stay with my parents for the first time since lockdown. I decided to use the CarGoSeat as a suitcase for the little man.

It is pretty easy to open. You just turn the yellow clasp and open up for 10 litres of storage.

CarGoSeat clasp

Open CarGoSeat

As you can see I could pack an overnight bag easily and fit the majority of what my little man would need! Once he is out of nappies of course, there will be a little more space.

We shut it easily and we were ready to go.

Overall Thoughts

I was really impressed with the CarGoSeat. I love how you can use it both as a booster seat and for luggage. It was easily set up for the car and my eldest was comfortable. I know it would be brilliant if we went abroad and could not get hold of a good seat. It’s also great for if she goes to stay at my Mum’s and one of the other children need to use the full-backed car seat. I’m also reassured as meets all safety standards, as this is always a worry when choosing a seat for your child and especially when travelling abroad.

The seat is pretty light but sturdy and you can easily wipe clean.

I like the way it can be pulled along and your child can really take ownership of looking after their luggage. This is great for independence, especially at the airport. I love the way it would fit into overhead luggage storage on a plane and would be fab for packing all their hand luggage.

girl pulling her cargoseat

Overall a thumbs up for us. I think we will really get a lot of use from the CarGoSeat.

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Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are out own.


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