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Postponing Our Holiday to Rhodes This Summer – Why I’m Ok with This

Postponing Our Holiday to Rhodes This Summer – Why I’m Ok with This

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

In the midst of a pandemic, not being able to go on holiday seems like a trivial thing and to be honest I’m disappointed but I’m not as much as I thought. We had an all inclusive trip planned to Rhodes, in what looked like one of the nicest places we had possibly ever stayed at. The eldest has started getting into water slides last year during our holiday to Croatia and her confidence had really increased. The hotel we had planned for this month has an on site water park and we were all pretty excited to stay there. But we knew months ago, at the start of lockdown, that it was unlikely to happen and were very lucky when we managed to get away with postponing our holiday to Rhodes until summer 2021.

It’s a sad time for many people. Weddings cancelled, trips of a lifetime cancelled. You may have decided to rent a cottage in the UK for a break, like us, take a package holiday to somewhere warm or booked one of the cruises from Liverpool. Any holiday or trips getting postponed or cancelled is disappointing. For us, an annual trip abroad with my parents is something we have done since the gremlin was tiny. She was 9 months old when we took her to Turkey and we have always gone, even daring to take all 3 children on holiday last June; something I was a little scared to do. It is going to feel strange not going but at the same time I’m glad to leave it another year.

holidays with 3 children

Of course, we are currently in the middle of a pandemic. I wouldn’t feel entirely safe right now if we were allowed to fly, regardless. 14 day quarantines, resorts not fully open, long waits at the airport. I will be stayed put for a while. It wouldn’t be fun or worth it.

But there is another reason, we are happy to be waiting another 12 months and this little or should I say chubby reason; my 15 month old crazy baby boy, who will be 16 months when we were supposed to be going away. This is new territory for us. My girls were either younger, at around 9-10 months. Not mobile. Eating but still breastfeeding or having a bottle. By the time they took their second holiday, they were both pushing two; walking but that little bit older. A little more independent.

The little man is crazy right now. I will 100% say boys are different to girls and I have written about this candidly before. He doesn’t want to sit in his highchair and have a meal. He doesn’t want to sit still period. He adores being outside, exploring and keeping busy. In a new hotel environment, with water and generally space to run, he will be off! Plus he still needs his sleep, his routine and I feel disrupting it may result in quite an upset little man. I’m not saying it is impossible to take a 16 month old away but I think we would have our work cut out. Someone would never be able to fully relax!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting an easy ride come one 2021. He will be 2 and 4 months; tantrum territory but he will be a little more independent. Less of a liability and slightly less of a worry. My girls will be almost 8 and 5, which is scary in itself but we will have passed the baby phase, something that makes me ridiculously sad but also ready to embrace.

So 2020 may not be the year of the holiday. It may not really be the year for anything sadly but I’m happy to wait for another year. Postponing our holiday is the best decision for us.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.