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The Best Bits About a Disney Holiday

The Best Bits About a Disney Holiday

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

I’ve been lucky enough to go the Orlando Florida twice in my life and visit the amazing Disney and Universal Theme parks both times.

This wasn’t when I was a young child, as this was something we would never have afforded. I knew many friends who went away when I was in school but I was 18 when we first went as a family. This was brilliant fun but we went when it was a little cooler in February.

Then revisited when I was 26 in the much warmer May. I had been with my then boyfriend for a few years and we decided to go with my Mum and step-dad. I knew it would be the last time I went before I had children and it would be a totally different holiday. We had a brilliant time and this was when hubby and I actually got engaged on Clear Water Beach. Fabulous memories. The weather was great, we ate and drank by our pool every night, stayed up late, shopped and went to all the theme parks. We were all so sad to go home.

We are now planning another trip with the children but would like the little man to be three, so will be looking at 2022; that’s if the pandemic has calmed down!

It’s brilliant planning a trip; from deciding where you are going to stay, to choosing which parks you will visit, to getting ready to buy Orlando tickets.

But the best bits are when you are there of course:

– The magic. My husband laughed his socks off when we went last time, at all the “magic” but you couldn’t avoid it! It was everywhere in the Disney parks and this was amazing. Just look a the castle! When you first see this, it is amazing.

– The food. The food in the parks is amazing and so much choice and treats. My family are firm fans of funnel cakes and they are huge. I always remember my brother having a huge turkey leg in one of the parks too. Pretty epic.

– The rides. Now I must admit I get really sick on some the amazing attractions and have been known to come off pretty green. However, there are plenty I can go on and they are just brilliant. Even queuing is fun. So much to see and the music! Disney really make the whole thing an experience.

– The fireworks. I have never seen fireworks so amazing as when I am in the Disney parks. They are tear-jerking, emotional and amazing. You are just overwhelmed at how brilliant the displays are. This goes for the shows and parades.

– The shopping. I’m totally someone who says, no more teddies. No more soft toys!! I am 35 years old. Then I come back with a tonne of Disney teddies and wonder where I am going to put it? You just can’t help yourself. Last time I went I bought a bag that cost me a lot and I still have it now! I use it as my hand luggage when we go on holiday.

I am so excited for our future trip to Orlando Florida and this time will be sharing it all with my amazing children and I hope they love it, just as I did!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.