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Nursery & Daycare Essentials for Kids – What Do They Need? | AD

Nursery & Daycare Essentials for Kids – What Do They Need? | AD

I wrote this post waaaaay before we were locked down. My little man was starting with his childminder. He had two weeks of sessions before the world was turned upside down. But he is going back this week and my middle daughter is back to nursery, so finally the time to post this! My little dude is the first of my children to actually go to a childminder! The girls all went to nursery. It’s a tough time preparing for this transition. The end of maternity leave maybe approaching or you may be going back to work. It can feel bittersweet and you have lots of things to remember; one such things being nursery essentials for your kids!

You can’t obviously send them to their childcare provider empty handed and each one will vary so much on what is provided and what isn’t. Some for example, provide food and drinks, nappies and wipes and others may not provide you with anything!

This is where I’m hoping my post will come in handy for you. Here I will list some of the things I will be sending my little man with to his childminder when goes. She doesn’t provide food or nappies, so I need to make sure I will be organised the nights before he goes.

Let’s get you up to scratch with nursery essentials for kids.

**Disclaimer – With the Covid-19 pandemic, please check with your childcare provider what you are allowed to bring in for your child. This guide was written pre-lockdown and there maybe some changes. Some items may pose a risk of infection. **

Nursery Essentials for Kids

A Bag

Of course your little one is going to need a bag to store some of the bits and pieces they will need. You want to treat them to one that is nice and even personalised? It needs to be small enough to carry but also fit everything in it!

My little man is going to have this lovely personalised panda one with his name on from PrezzyBox. I love it and his childminder thought the same! It retails at £19.99 and has a text option with various colour choices and font ideas. You could have your child’s name or nickname.

I don’t share names on the blog but here is a picture of the bag from the website:

A Lunchbox and drink

My girls went to nursery and they didn’t need to take their dinner with them. All meals and snacks were provided but we did send them with drinks on some days.

My little man on the other hand will need all his meals and snacks on the two days he goes. On a Tuesday, I am likely to pick him up a little earlier, so he will have his tea at home but he will need a lunchbox!

I love this dinosaur one we were sent from Prezzybox. It is a Dinosaur head for keeping your food or items. The handle fits around dino’s mouth and he is easy to carry. It retails at £16.99.

prezzbox dino lunchbox - nursery essentials for kids

Nappies and Wipes

Nappies and wipes are of course an essential until your child is coming out go potty training. I found it really easy to send a box of nappies and wipes (if they have space). This meant we weren’t having to remember to bring them in every day!

We used to bulk buy at places like Aldi and this was so helpful and saved money.


My girls used to (and still do) like to take toys and comforters to nursery. My middle girly loves her teddies and something like that can be good for them when they are away from home.

We were sent this teether and other essentials from Bickiepegs, which would be a great comfort. Bickiepegs have been experts in oral care since 1925. The Peggie The Penguin Teether helps with both teething and helps with oral development of the gums, teeth and jaws and can help with tongue control. As taken from online, “Peggie is cleverly designed to reach both the front and back gum areas in the mouth – enabling your chomping baby to find relief even when the first molars start to appear.” 

There is also a clip, so you don’t lose it. Peggie is also textured food grade silicone and BPA-free.

We were also sent some Bickiepegs – natural teething biscuits. You can find out a little more about them here. Bickiepegs are specially designed and shaped to assist infants with the teething process and provide the correct exercise vital to the development of a baby’s jaw muscles, teeth and chewing skills.

Finally we were also sent a finger toothbrush and gum massager but this will be more useful for home.

These will all be fab for my little boy, as he constantly has his hands in his mouth and teeth are on the way.

Coat, hat and gloves (for the colder months)

My girls in nursery were often taken out and my little man has already been taken to the park by his childminder. Quite often the kids go outside during the day, even when it is cold. They don’t seem to feel it but it’s important to send a warm coat, hat and gloves for the colder days.

Puddle Suit and Wellies

My little man has lived in his all-in-one during the cold winter months. It has kept him so warm and he loves to fall asleep in it. He isn’t walking yet but I know he will need something similar when out and about in the wind and rain with his childminder.

We were kindly sent this beautiful Kuling puddle suit and wellies from Alex and Alexa.It retails at £51 and the quality is just amazing.

It is made from a lightweight waterproof material with snap button fastenings and reflective detailing for safety. You can take the lined hood off. The coverall features silicone foot loops to keep it attached to their boots.

I love the colour!

We were also sent some lovely wellies for when the little man starts to walk and get in a mess!

These Kuling ones again from Alex and Alexa. They retail at £21 and are fully waterproof. They are made from thick and sturdy rubber with a high shaft for protection from wet weather. The outsole has excellent grip for a sure step and traction when the floor or ground is slippy. They have a pull tab for easy removal and a textile lining for comfort and warmth.

They are going to be brilliant for the little man.

orange kuling wellies - nursery essentials for kids

Spare Clothes

There are so many jokey memes on social media; you always know when your kid has wet themselves or had an accident and you didn’t send in any spare clothes. They are dressed in some random items of clothes that have been left in the lost property, that are usually too small or too big!

Make sure you pack spare clothes. For my little man he will probably be sent with some clothes and a vest and baby grow if he needs to be more comfortable. As your child gets older and starts to potty train you may have to up the amount of clothes. I once sent my middle girly in with about 7 pairs when she was potty trainings and we had a lot sent home dirty!!


You need to check the rules with your childcare provider what the rules are regarding liquid paracetamol for example. When my girls started nursery, they needed a bottle prescribed from the GP but I think this rule may have changed over time. We had to sign it was ok for them to administer some if our little ones started with a temperature or were teething. Sometimes we would get a call to check. This can be worth it though, as means your child can stay in as long, as not anything that needs a pick up.

My little man will need lots of plasters for his umbilical granuloma, as this can leak and get on his vests and clothes.

Suncream and a Hat (for the summer months)

It is so important to provide a hat and suncream during the summer months, as many places have a rule where your children won’t be allowed outside without either. This is fair enough in my mind as getting sunburnt is not worth it. I usually send a factor 50 cream and a wide-brimmed hat for my middle girl, who is so fair like me!

It’s a bit of a mission getting your little one ready for childcare. It can feel daunting, as there is so much to remember but as long as you are organised and ready, you both will be fine!  I hope this list of nursery essentials for kids has helped.

Good luck if you little one is starting childcare soon!

Disclosure – we were sent some products in exchange for inclusion in this nursery essentials for kids guide. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

nursery essentials for kids