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Choosing a Childminder – Childcare Choices This Time Around

choosing a childminder

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

I’m in a little denial that we are looking into childcare for the Little Man. It was so easy with Piglet, when I returned to work, as she just went to the nursery her older sister had gone. We had her name down from a very early point, in fact before she was born and she went there without a peep. She’s still happy and will be staying until she starts pre-school, hopefully at her sister’s school, in September 2020. For the Little Man though, this is different. We want something a little closer to home this time and this is why we are leaning towards choosing a childminder.

Juggling childcare and work is one of the most stressful things about going back to work. I have friends and work colleagues who have different types of childcare from nurseries, to family to even hiring private household staff, such as a Nanny at home.

I’m very pro having my children with someone who isn’t necessarily family. All my children are very close to my parents; it is almost like an extension of me and I feel if my Mum has my little man this time around, he wouldn’t be ready for school when the time comes. I want him to get used to other people and other children, so he’s ready. My eldest went to school without a peep and I’m sure it is due to her having nursery care from an early age.

I also think it’s good for their immune systems, though not good for your health and your sick leave!! Luckily (unluckily) my little dude has already had a good few bugs, as picked from his older sisters. Both my girls got quite sick at nursery for the first few months, as there are just so many bugs around.

Choosing a Childminder

This time around for the little man we had a good hard think about his childcare. Sadly the nursery was not going to be practical, as Piglet will be leaving in September and although our girls have been so happy there, the drive for my hubby every day in traffic would just be too much long term.

We knew of a good childminder around the corner and a walkable distance. This would make life a lot easier for hubby doing the drops off. She also had a good reputation from people I had spoken to. I like the idea of a smaller group of children (maybe less bugs?) and her team takes them out a lot to playgroups and for walks too. It’s a closer knit set up and I think my little man will like that closeness and lots of attention. There may be a little more flexibility too.

We did have to compromise on the fact I would need to provide food, where the girl’s nurseries provide all food and snacks as part of the price. There will be a little more organisation needed on my part there for the little man’s food.

It does feel strange knowing he won’t be in the same place as his sisters and it is a total change but you have to do what is right for you as a family. I know my husband would struggle managing the drop offs for three children, when I have left.

It’s a juggling act but I’m sure we will manage!! Choosing a childminder feels like the right choice this time.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.