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8 Things I SHOULDN’T Have Worried About my Daughter Starting School

8 Things I SHOULDN’T Have Worried About my Daughter Starting School

AD – This time last year I was worried sick. It was a mere short weeks until my little gremlin was starting school. I didn’t know whether or not I should send her. She’s a late August babe and I just wasn’t sure!! I felt a bit cheated, as I’d had her at home for a year less then I’m going to have her younger sister. There were so many worries and thoughts.

Will she go in without crying?

Will she enjoy it?

Will she be exhausted??

Turned out I needn’t have really worried and this is what inspired me to write this blog post. I’m sure many of you will be sending your little babes out into the world of school in September. You’ll be frantically buying uniform, getting feet measured, chatting about school and thinking my child knows nothing!!! (Well maybe!)

I Shouldn’t Have Worried About My Daughter Starting School

girl starting school

Just don’t worry. Well try not to. These are the 8 things I fretted over needlessly and I hope they will help you:

She won’t go in without crying – this of course isn’t one I can guarantee at all but my eldest was absolutely fine. She had a little friend in her class and she went in to see her new teacher without a fuss at all. I think we had talked it through a lot and I quite like how her school don’t let you come in with them and after a few days, they walk around the side and in themselves. It gets them independent from the get go and they know what to expect.

 She don’t know anything – my gremlin could just about write her name when she started school but couldn’t read. I knew there were kids who could read already and I remember asking her teacher on the settling in day, “what should I do over the summer?” “Nothing,” she replied nonchalantly. I was worried. NOTHING? How will she learn and catch up??? She did and although, we did read a lot at home, she has moved up rapidly with her reading and is where she should be generally. The rate they learn is astounding, so don’t panic!

– She won’t like the food – my gremlin is a fussy madam and really only likes what she has at home. However, she has really tried with some of the food and on the days she isn’t keen on the hot lunch, she will always have a tuna or cheese sandwich and cucumber. She doesn’t starve and I can’t always complain at her choices.

– She won’t make friends – she had already latched onto one girl within the first week and since then plays with so many in the class. I can’t say she doesn’t have little tiffs and there are definitely some little power struggles that go on but overall she settled and the class are lovely.

– She would be exhausted! – nope not at all. She did have a few niggles when she was starting school; waking, almost sleep talking but this also coincided with me going back to work after maternity leave. But in terms of how much sleep she needed? It didn’t change. She wasn’t tired or vile and got into the swing of things quickly.

– She would need to replace her shoes! – last year we had an amazing pair of Lelli Kellies from Jake Shoes and they have so kindly sent us another pair of Lelli Kelly Claudia Hair Clip Shoes, for the gremlin this year. Retailing at £52.99, I cannot get over the quality of these shoes. Her feet of course grew over the year but they lasted and apart from sole wear, they looked completely fine. I am thrilled to have another pair and there is so much choice on Jake Shoes and amazing customer service. Pick your shoes wisely and I would definitely opt for patent in the girls if you can.

Jake Shoes for starting school

– She will be behind as is so young – my gremlin is one of the youngest in the year and a first born, which I do think makes a difference. when starting school. Confidence-wise she is a little shyer than the others (this could just be her though) but otherwise she is absolutely fine! If your child is young but their nursery team say they are ready for school, trust them. I wasn’t sure and I needn’t have worried. Also, tell their teacher about your worries. I was reassured from the start and told I would be told if there were any conerns.

– I would become a school Mum!! – it happened. I succumbed. The stress took over. I found myself volunteering to help at the school fayres and going to do a healthy eating talk for the kids. Just let it happen. It’s all good!

When your child goes to school it is a massive change to both them, you and your routine together. They do grow up, learn and change so much but it is a positive experience. I was scared and nervous but I needn’t have been. I was fighting back the tears and my eldest didn’t bat an eyelid.

They will go. They will blossom. It’s a new chapter after all.

8 things I shouldn't have worried about my daughter starting school

Disclosure – we were provided with some shoes from Jake Shoes free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.