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Our Next Holiday….will it be a Villa?

Our Next Holiday….will it be a Villa?

We always have a fabulous time on holiday with the family when we disappear most Junes. We have been all over with the girls and as my parents tend to come with us, I have always felt confident going abroad with the children.

I’ve written before on the blog about the pros and cons of going on an all inclusive vs a villa hotel and it is always something we have pondered over. Me and my step dad have always been keen to try a villa, whereas my mum and hubby perhaps not so much. I guess they do more of the cooking and want a total break from it. I’m not fussed about shopping and cleaning up really but I guess it’s what you prefer.

I found out last holiday a little harder. It didn’t help that the gremlin was not in the best frame of mind and was pretty difficult for most of the break. It was harder having two to get ready and dressed up every evening and it was hard work not really getting any adult time at night. I haven’t always noticed it as much but really craved a little peace after 8pm. You don’t get this in a hotel, unless you go to bed too.

So we have really started to lean towards a villa for our next holiday, even if we try it out and hate it!

The next decision is where. I would love to go a little further out and explore. I’d love to go further East and explore places like Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka, where you could stay in a villa in Galle and it would be perfect for a family break, once we have all got over the jet lag!!! There are beautiful beaches, a fort, a lighthouse and a museum to visit, so lots to do.

Just browsing online you can see that with a company like there can be so much offered. For me the villa would need to be family friendly and spacious. One of the issues in a hotel is the lack of space. Cramming yourselves into a small area and very little privacy. Booking with this company also offers the human touch and not just an online service. With little ones you need flexibility and support; you need to be able to ask questions where relevant. For every booking they also plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia. So travellers contribute to the environment while holidaying.

I also love how there is the option to arrange little extras. Airport pick ups, food and even an in villa massage. Just because you are going away with the family, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.

I also think that in the long run you spend less, as it is cheaper to shop and cook and eating in locals restaurants will be cheaper than buying in a hotel and way more varied than an all inclusive.

I’m pretty much sold on a villa, even though the location is undecided. The flexibility and space sound better and with Villa-Finder, they come with staff, which sounds amazing. There is also the option to have meals provided. Bliss!

Will see summer 2019!!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post