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Planning a Mini Break to Berlin

Planning a Mini Break to Berlin

Whilst hubby and I were on holiday recently in Greece we stayed in a hotel where there was quite a high proportion of German guests. This is usually the case, as we head to places like Greece and Turkey. As we flew home and looked at the map telling us where we were, we both realised Germany was a place we had both never visited. It’s funny really, as it’s such a vast area in Europe!

Although at present with the girlies, getting a mini break abroad is quite difficult, we were thinking a trip to Berlin could definitely be on the cards in the future. So far since they have been small we have got as far as Dublin for 3 nights, so I do think it is possible. I also think you need to do these sort of trips kid-free or you will never really see what you want to see and will spend most of the time running after them. Plus you can’t enjoy a few cheeky wines when on kid duty!

Of course visiting anywhere new, means doing some research about where to stay, like the Capri by Fraser Berlin and also what to do. After having a browse, this is what I would hope to do, if I visited Berlin.

– A bus tour! I know it sounds a bit geeky but we tried to do this in New York when the gremlin was small. It didn’t work and you could tell she was annoying people. It would be definitely something I would do kid free to explore the city. I really think you see so much more, even if a bit of a whistle stop tour. It’s always fun too if you get a quirky tour guide who makes you laugh, whilst telling you about the places you can see.

– The Berlin Television Tower. I love tall buildings, as remember being thrilled in Dubai when I saw the Burj Khalifa. I’d love to go to the top and see a panoramic view of the city. I’m not someone who is scared of heights and I love to get the tallest places to get a good view.

– Berlin Cathedral. I’m not a religion person as such but I do have a fascination with churches and cathedrals and always explore them when we go abroad. Recently we went to Greece and I was amazed at how stunning the churches were inside. I did get told to be quiet though! Oops!! Berlin cathedral looks beautiful.

– Kurfürstendamm. This is the most expensive address in the city and has the largest department store in Europe. Sounds like fun and I can ensure I have saved some pennies for a treat.

– The Berlin Wall Memorial. I feel like this is something I would have to come and see, as is part of history. Apparently you can get a feel about what the border control was really like!

I’m not usually very good at doing my research before we go anywhere so having a plan if definitely a plus. It’s made me think Berlin is on the travel plans for sure in the future.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.