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Little Piglet – an Update

Little Piglet – an Update

I can’t actually remember the last time I did an update for my youngest girly. It feels like absolutely ages ago and this blog is supposed to be a memory for me and them. I guess that’s what happens with baby number 2. You do naff all, as have no time!

My little Piglet is now almost 22 months old and I still keep calling her the baby on all my socials and in general but she’s not a baby; she’s a toddler, a little girl, a little person.

She’s coming along so well at the moment and I thought I would share a few of my favourite parts of her.

Her Speech

This is no way as advanced as the gremlin, who was talking from 14 months but we can really understand a lot of what she is saying now and more recently, she is copying more of what we say. She is so happy when we understand what she wants and a lot of the time we can. She’s started asking for “fresh dresses” if hers get wet and for certain foods. I do think us understanding helps with her temperament, as we can understand what she is saying BUT generally her temper tantrums have REALLY started over the last couple of weeks. Hello terrible twos.

Her Eating

This girlie loves her food, especially her fruit which is brilliant, compared to her fruit dodger sister. She does have her dislikes, like egg (which astounds me, she will only eat cheese omelette) and she isn’t a massive sandwich lover apart from Marmite and peanut butter. Overall though, she is easy and when we went on holiday there was always something she could eat. She’s not a massive fan of ice-cream and puddings but won’t say no to a bit of chocolate and cake! Milk-wise she has nothing, which again surprises me, as her sister adored milk. Little Piglet cut out her night follow-on milk and just has water now, which is fine with me.

Her Determination

As a typical second child, as loves to copy everything her sister does and I think this can be such a plus, as she is quite independent. She loves her sister’s scooter and is actually pretty good on it. She likes to choose her own cereal, help to pour the milk, choose her own cup, the list goes on. She is pretty determined and will let us know when she is fed up.

Her Nature

She has always been a chilled out bean, even since being tiny and although we do see some more fiest now and then, she is overall quite going. Like most littlies she likes her own way and she cannot stand her sister winding her up, which I also like, as I want her to be strong and stand up for herself. I don’t have to shout too often, as when I do she is very upset and usually I can distract and get around her. As I said before though the temper tantrums are starting to hit and I’m noticing she just immediately melts down when we say no to her! This is hard work as she is usually so laid back. Half of me is wondering if it’s just the hot weather or she may just have had a personality transplant.

I sometimes think with your second and subsequent children, all the milestones just seem to merge into one. You have seen it all before and it perhaps isn’t as exciting and crazy but IT IS!

Watching my chilled out little bean, turn into a funny, clever, happy little character is amazing and like I said, she’s not a baby now but my second little girl.

Love you Piglet.