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I’ve Become a School Mum

school mum

I used to watch the gaggles of parents bringing their kids home from school before I had my babies. I used the think it seemed monotonous and having to do the same thing everyday would get tiresome. I read things about pushy parents, sporty Mums, Mums who volunteered to help, Mums who who got involved and I vowed that would never be me. I vowed I would never be a school Mum.


I’m a School Mum

I’m not almost two terms into the gremlin being at school and I feel myself slipping. Slipping into all the things I said I would never do and I can’t decide if I’m proud of myself or feel like a complete tit.

I love the school run and I’m sad I only get to do it twice a week, as I work. I love getting her and her little face, catching up as we walk home, even though she often drives me crackers the moment we walk through the front door. I like the chatter and the banter with some of the Mums I have met. I’ve joined the reception WhatsApp group and I honestly have to say, I sway between wanting to stay and wanting to leave that one (!) and it’s something I never thought I would join.

I never thought I would volunteer to help out at the Christmas fayre, or consider taking annual leave to help out if there was a school trip.

I never thought I would be the Mum to get asked to go into school to do a talk about healthy eating to the kids (I am!)

I never thought I would enjoy reading and doing things at home with my daughter. I never thought I would worry so much about where she was, if she was keeping up and wanting her to do well.

I never thought I would avidly read everything I was sent home and try my hardest to make sure I remember everything. Hubby and I were talking recently about how bad we were when the gremlin was at nursery (we are just as bad with her baby sister), we would forget all the special days and costumes! I don’t think it really matters when they are so small; they never remember but at school they do care and they DO remember.

It’s her little world and I guess I want to be in it for as long as I can and that means muscling in, helping out, reading everything and trying to remember everything,

I guess I’ve gone back on a lot of things since I had children. You do. There are so many things you say you won’t do. Your kid will never act like that (they will), you won’t give in (you do) and you won’t become this parent who will do anything for their child (you will).

I'm a school Mum

The joys eh?

I've become a school mum