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Why We Will Go On Holiday With 3 Children

You’ll never go on holiday with three children.

This is one of the biggest reasons I have heard from friends with they have debating having a third child. That and the bigger car, the money, the noise, being outnumbered (okay what the heck are we doing??)

I can see their point. It will make life a lot more expensive and it is pretty hectic taking just two children abroad. It isn’t always a break for you but we have had some really amazing holidays in the past, whether or not they have been planned or very last minute holidays. I don’t think 3 babies would stop us.

Here is why:

– We go away with extra pairs of hands in the form of my parents. This makes a massive difference and does give us a little break now and then.

– This blog! This blog has allowed me to save a lot more money and therefore I’m hoping allow us the luxury to be able to take a third baby on holiday (the first two years are ok anyway!)

– Free child places. We managed to get the gremlin a free child place on our last holiday which saved a lot and sometimes you can get two, especially if my parents book one.

– We are considering a villa in the future which may or may not be cheaper (I’d need to do the maths) but would allow us a little more space and flexibility, that I don’t always feel we get in an all inclusive.

– Holidays are needed! We all need a break, some sun, good food and family time. I wouldn’t want a third little one to stop this from happening.

– Kids get older. The gremlin is now 5 and you can’t stop time. They get more independent, make friends and sadly do need you a little less. On the plus, this is more time to relax and let them have their own fun too.

– Three kids = more buddies = more fun!

Holidays are quite a big deal in our family. They are usually pretty good fun with lots of food, pool time, cocktails and laughs. I wouldn’t want an extra addition to the family to stop that.

What about you? Would you go away with three children?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.