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10 Realities of Having Three Children

10 Realities of Having Three Children

The little guy was one month old yesterday and instead of writing a post about how we are all doing (which is nice for me, can get a bit tedious), so I thought I’d write about having three children. How life has changed. Our realities.

It’s hard to believe we have been a family of 5 for a month! The little guy has been here for 4 whole weeks. I feel more like myself now. More tired but coping. The little guy is harder than the girls were (unless I have selective memories!!) He is definitely hungrier and windier. This means we do have more screaming but not for tooo long, so it’s not too bad. Just different but ok.

During my pregnancy I was scared stiff of having 3 children; convinced I wouldn’t cope, especially with bonkers Piglet. BUT you do! Of course you do. It’s hard and busy and loud but we manage. The girls love their baby brother; the grem in particular. She showers him with love and this helps me out when I need to get stuff done. I can really see why people wait for larger age gaps; older kids are so helpful!

girl and her baby brother

But family life does change a little. A newborn is a huge change. These are our realities though with life as a family of 5:

– As a Mum someone will always want you at some point and someone will always have to get ignored. It’s usually poor Piglet as she calls me when I’m feeding or the little guy is screaming. She’s quite easy going with it but I do feel bad!!

– You do have to cope with more mess. I feel our cleaner is definitely pitching up to a dirtier house each week. It’s hard to hoover as frequently. My ironing pile is mammoth and I’m taking my mum’s offer up of doing it! 

– More things get forgotten! Remembering the grem’s gym kit as we are walking out of the door. Not practicing spellings enough and remembering a birthday card at the last minute. This is all standard now. 

– Less one on one time with them. The grem talked about our usual mummy-daughter days over Easter and I reminded her the little guy would be coming along. When he sleeps it’s great to have the time to read or chat to Piglet. It’s hard and I feel that guilt but I know it won’t be forever, as the little guy gets bigger.

– You learn to multi-task even more! Holding your cranky baby, whilst making a fish finger wrap and yelling to instruct your toddler how to manage having a wee alone become second nature. 

blonde toddler

– You become even more of a team with the other half. Usually one of us needs to hold the baby, whilst the other is tidying or sorting the girls. I’m chained to the sofa, he’s putting them to bed!

– Noise levels increase even more. We have had all three crying at once on one occasion!! There is more screaming and carnage. The newborn will sleep through it all too!

– You start to give less of a crap what your elder two children are doing as long as they are quiet and not fighting. The other day they pretended to be dogs and were licking water out of a bowl!! Well who cares as long as they’re content?

– You rarely seem to do anything as a family of 5. Everyone seems to be in different places. School, nursery, classes and there is a lot of tag teaming and one parent taking one or two kids off somewhere.

– You love the bit of time you do get alone even more! A wee, sleep and occasionally hubby brings me breakfast in bed. Heaven!

It is kind of true that third babies slot in (when they are not crying and being clingy!!). They have too as you have older children to think about who need you too. I wouldn’t say being a Mum of 3 is the hardest thing but it does come with challenges and I am learning everyday!

10 realities of having 3 children