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My Son Won’t Potty Train – HELP!

3 year old smiling boy holding a hair dryer

I haven’t updated the blog for a little while about the kids. Apart from some happy birthday posts of course! My little man turned 3 last month. He’s thriving; confident and happy. His memory is incredible and he can recognise cars, makes and models and numbers up to 100. He’s walking more, becoming more self-sufficient and is a lot of fun. Sounds good? However, the one thing we cannot get him to do is potty train! He won’t potty train and I’m tearing my hair out!

I have had so much reassurance from lovely family, friends and even staff at the school he will be starting come April. He’s a boy. He will do it when he’s ready. Don’t put pressure on him or yourself. He can still start school. Don’t panic. Don’t worry!

But it is so HARD! I do worry. I do overthink and I know we should never rush our babies to grow up, nappies is one thing I will be glad to see the back of.

I guess with three children, I am of course going to compare him to my girls and I know everyone says girls are much easier to get out of nappies. My eldest was done with both wees and poos before she was 3 and dry overnight; my middle daughter before 2 and a half. We did have more issues with my middley holding wees and poos though; it was quite stressful at the time and I do wonder if we should have left her a little longer.

However, bottom line both girls were fully dry and clean by 3 and there were no pull-ups and nappies.

He Won’t Potty Train

My little man is a completely different kettle of fish. Apart from a few wees over the toilet standing up and a couple over the potty before the bath, he completely refuses to even try.

We went through the whole rigmarole of going shopping for a potty and he chose some pants, quite willingly. We talked about what he could have if he tried the pants and of course, we were just going to see how he went and take it from there. I know with kids, you tried, if they keep having accidents, you park it and try again later.

But my little man just would not and WILL NOT even try.

I cannot even get a pair of pants on him. He flat out refuses. I have Mondays and Wednesdays at home with him and most weeks I try to suggest trying pants and trying to tell me when he needs a wee.

little blonde boy eating a banana

I’ve tried bribery.

I’ve tried pleading.

I’ve tried asking why he won’t do it to see what’s going on in his little head.

I’ve tried to tell him he’s a big boy, is starting at the school and doesn’t need nappies anymore.

I’ve tried reading him books about potty training.

He’s been around other children who are potty trained and made no difference.

Family and friends have tried too!

Nothing works at all.

Giving Up For Now

I know he will do it when he is ready. He’s a very bright boy and I do feel nappies are something he is just holding onto that little bit more. It’s control and something he is not wanted to relinquish yet.

I know I need to chill out. The school he is starting in April are cool and have told me not to worry at all. There is time and he will do it. They talked about positive peer pressure and how hopefully in time he will start to follow his friends.

I just wish he have a go, try the pants and see what happens! I’m sure there will be accidents and of course it won’t be easy but I hope in time he tries.

If anyone has any tips for stubborn little boys, I will be most grateful!