Why Every Child Should Learn About Public Transport

Why Every Child Should Learn About Public Transport

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Would your child know how to use public transportation if they needed to? There are a lot of things we teach our kids about, but public transportation isn’t typically something we think we need to discuss. This is especially true if you take your kids wherever it is, they need to go.

However, teaching your kids about public transportation and how it works can actually have great benefits. Here, you’ll discover why every child should learn about public transport and the benefits it provides.

Why should you teach your children about public transportation?

Teaching our children about public transportation is beneficial in a number of ways. By teaching them how to use it, it can:

  • Help encourage independence
  • Better their communication skills
  • Teaches them how to cope in an emergency
  • It’s useful for you if you can’t pick them up

By teaching them how to use the different modes of transport, it can really help to foster their independence. If you continually drive your children everywhere, they need to go, they’ll come to fully rely upon you as they get older. They’ll find the thought of taking public transportation daunting, whereas if you introduce it early, they’ll become much more independent.

If there’s an emergency or you can’t be there to pick them up, it also helps to know they’ll be able to use public transportation safely. Once they know how to use the train for example, you could also save money by giving them season train tickets in case of emergencies.

Tips for introducing your child to public transport

When teaching your child about public transportation, it’s important to start off by going with them. That way, they can watch what you do and become familiar with how it works. Teach them how to get on and off, how to read schedules and maps and ensure they know which parts of the city to avoid when it comes to travelling around.

It’s also important to teach them not to use it alone if they can help it. They should only ever use public transport with friends or family. Until your child is 16, the buddy system is crucial in terms of safety.

When they are going to be using it, make sure you give them apps for purchasing tickets, rather than cash. You should also make emergency back-up plans in the event anything does go wrong, and of course ensure they have a mobile phone with them.

Introducing your child to public transportation is beneficial in a lot of ways. The above are just some of the reasons why it’s important for children to learn about public transport, along with the best ways to introduce them to it.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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