Thing to Try In London This Year

Thing to Try In London This Year

London is an exciting place to be, no matter what hour strikes on the clock, there is always something going on somewhere in the wonderful capital. This also has its downsides of course, with plenty of hustle and bustle, the streets and public transport options can quickly feel overwhelming as the number of people in the area continues to increase year on year. 

Don’t let that put you off visiting the city of London though! There are plenty of places to see and visit and experiences to enjoy, whether you are a solo traveller, a couple or a family with children. Even if you have smaller children, the city can be manageable, it just requires a bit of forward planning and avoiding the peak travel times. 

Places to See

Big Ben is still under wraps until later in 2021 but the Big Ben bell isn’t the only iconic sight to enjoy while visiting the capital and there are plenty more places to explore. Get lost in Hyde Park with its endless greenery, scenic wooded areas and the gorgeous Serpentine lake with lots of wildlife and birds to discover. 

The Hyde Park area is surrounded by a variety of story-telling historic monuments and other popular tourist attractions that can be enjoyed on foot. Pack yourself a picnic and make a day of it, there are plenty of rest spots for little wanderers and it’s an excellent low-cost way to enjoy that area of the city. 

Got some bigger kids that love a bit of dark history? The London Dungeons always go down a treat for a scare or try out a Jack the Ripper walking tour. Recanting the tale of London’s infamous East End legend, you’ll learn about the potential suspects like Aaron Kosminski and Montague John Druitt, while visiting the sites that the horrors of old took place. 

Places to Be

Some kids like to take their time, stop and smell the flowers and enjoy life at a more relaxed pace, most kids are similar though in that they are brimming over excess energy that could do with being exerted some place or another. London provides a long list of children friendly places to be where super-charged kids can run around to their heart’s content. 

Why not take part in a family rave! Provided in a number of locations by Big Fish Little Fish events, their family rave events provide something for the whole family with crafting areas, baby chill-out sections, sweet and food stalls, face painting and thankfully, a comprehensive back catalogue of songs that aren’t the Best of Kids Shows on repeat! 

Visiting London is also an excellent excuse to leave the kids with a trusted babysitter and get back to your roots as a pre-child couple. With plenty of places to rediscover the magic together from the theatre laden Vaults festival taken place from 28th January to 22nd March in the Waterloo Vaults to the hidden gems of Camden Town, a seemingly alternative paradise for those that like things a little punk. 

Places for Tea

If there is something that the capital gets absolutely right, it’s the extremely varied tastes available from border to border. Unique locations and cat cafes, underground bars to eateries that offer nothing but colourful cereal! You could spend ten minutes in each mouth-watering location you pass and still not find every little delight for years. Why not try a food tour or build your own list of must-taste places for you to explore next time you are visiting the capital? Some of our favourites include;

Brick Lane – home of the famous curry mile, it’s a wonderful place just to walk down

Camden Market – with so much to taste, you can try something new from every booth

Carnaby Street – a little cramped to take the kids but a great place for upmarket tastes

London can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it, it just requires some forward planning and being aware that the place is the centre of business so avoid peak times, move to the side to let business travellers by and don’t forget to look up! So many historic details get missed because they are towards the top of buildings and there are plenty of hidden specifics to discover. 

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.