The BEST Top 10 Christmas Crafts

I always wish I did a little more crafts with the girls. Especially Christmas crafts. When I used to scrapbook (which I haven’t done in probably well over a year now), I was really creative and used to do loads of pages.

The gremlin is really starting to get into crafts and I often find her making a tonne of mess in the corner and coming up with a new creation!

I decided I needed some more inspiration for some Christmas craft ideas and I asked my fellow bloggers for some ideas and this is what they came up with for me.

1 – Potato Print Snowmen

This lovely activity from Jenny at The Gingerbread House. Simple and easy to make this lovely creation; all you need is potatoes, a cookie cutter, white paint and a pack of Bostik Glitter Pens. Enjoy!

Potato Print Snowmen

2 – A Branch Tree Advent Calendar

This gorgeous creation from Chloe at Life Unexpected.

There is a step-by-step guide on how to make this beautiful creation for your little ones. Not only does it look stunning but it is really easy to create.

A Branch Tree Advent Calendar

3 – DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

These amazing Christmas tree ornaments were crafted by the clever Danielle at Someone’s Mum. They look so festive and use crafts twigs and buttons as the main equipment.

These will definitely bring some originality to your Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

4 – The Nativity in a Shoebox

My eldest was full of the Nativity story last year after her first year at school and know she would love this activity designed by Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love.

It is something you and your little ones can do together and the result is something you can treasure for many Christmas’ to come.

The Nativity in a Shoebox

5 – Recycled Christmas Decorations with Coffee Capsules

There is nothing better than crafting and recycling at the same time and this is exactly what Rim does from Curious and Geeks.

Using coffee capsules and the main body of the decorations, these cute creations will really add to your Christmas decor.

Recycled Christmas Decorations with Coffee Capsules

6 – Cardboard Tube Santa & Snowman

This is quite an easy craft activity from Chantelle from All Things Christmas.

You need paper tubes, paper and and some colouring pens or pencils. As you can see, some really cute creations that your little ones will love.

Cardboard Tube Santa & Snowman

7 – 3D Christmas Trees

I love these 3D Christmas Trees from Vicki at Tippytupps, as they involve the use of stickers, which my eldest loves!!

They are really simple to make and really effective decorations, without much equipment needed! Definitely worth a go with your little ones.

3D Christmas Trees

8 – Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

I’m sure my brother made a massive one of these when I was a kid and this craft from Renee at Mummy Tries.

These decorations look so effective and I quite like the idea of cooking and crafts at the same time! Have a go.

 Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

9 – Glowing Christmas Trees

I love the look of these glowing Christmas trees from Louise at Thimble and Twig.

The light come from a tee light! There is not too much equipment needed and the activity looks lovely for little ones. Perfect to have displayed when finished too.

Glowing Christmas Trees

10 – Simple Tree Crafts for Kids

I love these tree crafts by Susan K Mann. You are actually getting three for the price of one, as she displays some really lovely creations in her post.

I love the one using an old book!! Incredible.

Simple Tree Crafts for Kids

I’ve felt pretty inspired by reading these Christmas Craft posts and I hope I have given you some ideas.

Thanks to all my creative bloggers and happy crafting!

The Best top 10 Christmas Crafts




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