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20 Ways to Save Money – What I’ve Learned over Lockdown | AD

20 Ways to Save Money – What I’ve Learned over Lockdown | AD

During lockdown there have been some surprising positives. Things that have been unexpected. I guess not everything can be completely negative. I’ve written in the past about how hard I found the week as lockdown approached.  I worried about what would happen, grieved for the life that we all would be losing and for how long? Ut was all so much unknown and all so scary. But we are human beings. We adapt. We try to see the positives out of a bleak situation and for us one of the things is finding ways to save money.

We have been very lucky in the respect that both my husband and I have needed jobs. I work in the NHS and my husband in telecommunications. We have both had to work (less for my husband during days of childcare) but overall our work has not been affected. I went back to work at the start of lockdown and although, I’ve earned less blogging; I’ve still earned and had some nice things for the girls.

Money is something we have noticed as a positive during lockdown. Obviously we have not spent much at all, as there has been so little to do! But it has made me realise we don’t need to spend so much money. We have survived. We have been happy and this is something that we need to continue in the future, when life (we hope) goes back to some form of normality.

But this has inspired me to write this post on ways to save money.

Ways to Save Money – Lessons Learnt in Lockdown

– Cut down on take-aways and try and “fake-away”. I’ve seen so many pretend McDonalds for the kids and Chinese alternatives. This is a great way to save money and be healthier. You know what is in it when you cook it and likely to eat a little less.

– Grow your own fruit and veg. We haven’t done this as much this year but I’ve seen so many people harvesting rhubarb and strawberries, salad leaves and tomatoes. This can save a lot and it tastes amazing too.

– Meal plan. When you are not sure when you can get to the supermarket that often, you need to have a plan about food for the week. This means you often only buy the fresh items you need and save some money.

ways to save money - cook from scratch

– Take advantage of deals and stock up. I usually hate my hubby for stock piling. Toothpaste, tuna, my nice jam but after watching the craziness of the start of lockdown, I let him off a little. You do end up with a lot in your cupboards but ultimately you save money.

– Think hard about what clothes you need. Plan a capsule wardrobe. I haven’t bought a thing over lockdown and some of the new tops I bought pre,I still haven’t worn. This hasn’t affected me. The girls have needed a few new bits and the little man PJs but that is it. Avoid browsing and buying clothes for the sake of it. Trust me, you will save a lot.

– Sort through your toiletries and beauty essentials. What do you actually use and how much do you just have and barely use? I’ve missed nipping out to Superdrug to buy “essentials” but actually I’ve not really needed a lot. It’s really tempting to buy another make-up palette or try a new conditioner but do you NEED it? Unlikely.

– Don’t eat out all the time and take picnics. We have done this a few times during lockdown and the girls have really enjoyed! We don’t always buy extra food for the picnic, so of course this will save a lot.

– Don’t buy teas and coffee and use a reusable cup. I’ve missed me cuppas out…A LOT but again realised how much you can spend on these. Meeting friends. Cuppas with the baby whilst shopping. It adds up.

– If you can put a box dye on your hair and do a good job, do it! I’m not a person who spends a lot on my hair a lot but I know people who do! With no hairdressers for 3 months, you learn some new tricks!

– Do you need your nails done every few weeks? Do you need your brows done? Can you learn to do yourself. I’ve seen some great nail art appear online. Even if you have it done less, it will save a little money.

– Limit what you are buying the kids. We’ve not had the chance to go out. They haven’t managed to con me out of a naff magazine or some more stationary or just another toy! This needs to continue, as again these small things add up.

– Compare deals when you are going to buy something. Sign Up Offers is perfect for this and will compare deals on getaways, clothes and things for the house.

– Do you need that “amazing” day trip out? Do you need to spend a fortune hitting a theme park over the summer. Or will you have fun hitting the park, with a delicious picnic, some outdoor games and the family? We have learnt over lockdown the simple things really are what makes you happy. Plan you holidays and weekends with that in mind.

– Sell items you don’t need over Facebook or local groups. I must admit I usually give to the charity shop or “free to collectors” but if you need to make a little money, this can be brilliant. You have to try another method when everywhere is closed but others benefit from a good deal too! I’ve bought baby bits off these groups before and saved a lot.

– If you can work from home some days, do it! This will save on commuting and likely a bought lunch or snack. So many people have realised this does work on some days.

– If you can cycle to work or anywhere, do it. This was save money, keep you off public transport and keep you fit.

– How many times have you cancelled a night out because you were knackered or your kid was a little under the weather? I know I have. I know Zoom will never replace face-to-face but on those days you really want a night out but it’s just not going to work, get a couple of drinks and snacks and your PJs and have that girly night. You will save a lot and don’t miss out. I have a feeling Zoom quizzes and drinks nights will continue.

– If you can do some DIY and not hire someone, do it. So many people have taken on DIY projects, painting and gardening over lockdown. You save also have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

– Do you need an expensive gym membership? The whole of lockdown has made me think this. There is so much online and even for a smaller amount per month. You may need to buy some equipment but this could be a small investment. I’ve also learnt that a good long walk or run is just as good! Home workouts could be the way forward.

– Think about a cheaper hobby. I’ve started bullet journaling and journaling during lockdown and apart from buying a few supplies, I realise it won’t be very expensive. Many people are knitting or reading or sewing. Lovely ways to relax and keep entertained.

Lockdown will make so many aspects of life change for good. Money saving is just the tip of the iceberg. The way we were living some parts of our lives before were not perfect and completely mindless.

Family, cherishing time together, not putting work first and enjoying the simple things are some of the positive things to have come out of the Covid-19 pandemic too.

Life should never be the same again.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.

ways to save money lessons from lockdown

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  1. June 9, 2020 / 7:51 pm

    We actually have savings now because of lock down happening. We’ve been spending much less, I manily think it’s because my girls are not asking for a few pound here and there to go out with their friends. We have also used what we have at home instead of endlessly buying.
    Great advice. x