So, You Want To Get Healthy?

So, You Want To Get Healthy?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

Every so often, we may encounter a significant birthday or a life event that makes us confront our own mortality. Perhaps you have just turned thirty and you have noticed a few to many cellulite lines on your untoned thighs and you are now worrying. Maybe, you have been supporting a close friend through an illness only to question your own health. Or maybe your overbearing boss is making you question whether money is everything. As we grow older, our priorities change. While we were once career driven individuals, we now realize the importance of feeling satisfied and personally happy.

Our health is our most crucial asset. Without it, we cannot function. If you are in a poor state of health, whether physically or mentally, you may find yourself unable to experience the things that you hanker after. Take a look at these ways you can get healthy.

Be Active

You don’t have to train for a marathon or compete in triathlons to be deemed healthy. Unless you are super fit, you might be content heading to the gym three times a week. Gyms nowadays, have become much more affordable. No frills gyms are ideal for those individuals who just want to use the machines for half an hour. You can enjoy a jog on the treadmill, complete some bicep curls and do some floor work. If you are really committed to revolutionizing your health, and you have a lot of weight to shift, you might fancy getting a personal trainer on board to give your health journey a kick start.

However, you don’t have to be a gym bunny to be active. Instead, you could opt for the slightly more sedate and relaxing yoga or pilates. Yoga is great because it can be hugely relaxing, giving you breathing techniques to implement to any stressful situation that you might encounter. You might also enjoy the benefits of a strengthened core, improved balance and more flexibility. Take a look at learning some lingo by checking out some yoga words, and consider enrolling in your first class.

Alternatively, you could head outside to get active. If you love the outdoors and you’re not a fairweather jogger, perhaps you fancy heading for a run every evening. Or perhaps you could stroll around the park. Or maybe you fancy a bike ride every weekend. Being outside also allows you to soak up some much needed Vitamin D, and the natural light you encounter will help regulate your body clock and help you to sleep better.


Your diet is a key aspect of your healthy outlook on life. Carb load or have too much sugar or highly processed foods and you may find your weight stagnating. You will also feel sluggish and lack energy because you won’t feel the benefit of the antioxidant properties of vegetables because you don’t have any in your diet. Instead, overhaul your food intake each day. Consider planning out your meals to help you to stick to a routine. Don’t assume that healthy eating means rabbit food, salad and muesli. Instead, you need to focus on eating the rainbow. This doesn’t mean having skittles in your diet every day. It means eating a range of colorful fruits and vegetables to help you gain as many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants as possible.

A nutritious, balanced and healthy diet should contain fish, lean meats and whole grains as well as vegetables. Green, leafy vegetables are the best as they are so rich in iron and energy boosting antioxidants. If you are a big fan of cooking and love nothing more than rustling up a gastronomic feast in your kitchen, why not enjoy practicing some new, healthy recipes. Eating when you are hungry rather than when you feel like it can be a tough habit to break. You don’t have to go cold turkey and ban candy or pastries. This will make you crave them even more. Instead, be more mindful about what goes into your body. Enjoy and savor every mouthful, and try to stick to a calorie counter. There are lots of free apps out there now to help you plan for your meals and stick to a routine. When you see the weight drop, your skin clear up and your mood lift, you will be more inclined to continue.

Finding your mojo when it comes to improving your health is tough. However, if you are fortunate to still be on the planet, you owe it to those closest to you to stick around for as long as possible. Use this guide and get healthy.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.