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BABY Born Brother Soft Touch – REVIEW | AD

BABY Born Brother Soft Touch – REVIEW | AD

AD – My middle child has certainly inherited her elder sister’s love of dolls. She’s three now and I absolutely love to watch her play. I think sometimes with your second child onwards you do watch more and soak in how cute they are! Its adorable watching this girl care for her dolls and copy some of things I say to her baby brother. My little Piglet was sent a BABY Born Brother to review recently and she has loved him.

BABY Born Brother

BABY Born Brother

More About BABY Born Brother

BABY Born Brother is now in soft touch and is from Zapf Creations.

He stands at 43cm tall and has 6 lifelike functions, including crying, being bathed and drinking. He has brushable hair and bendable knees, so is easy to stand and sit. He comes in a trendy outfit and this can be changed for other BABY Born outfits, if you choose to purchase any more.

Her can be found on Amazon and retails at £49.99.

Playing with Him

We managed to get the BABY Born brother out of the box reasonably easily. He was ready to go, as does not need batteries. He is softer and his limbs easy to bend and move around to stand and sit down.

My little one was smitten immediately. She wanted to take his hat off and start brushing his hair and I explained her BABY Born Brother could cry if he was given a drink. She immediately went off and filled the bottle up ready. It was pretty straight forward to squeeze some water into his mouth and I liked how the water didn’t go everywhere. You only need 1/4-1/3 of the bottle to get some tears.

The instructions were pretty self-explanatory but do read them. I spent ages messing about trying to figure out how to make BABY Born Brother cry and it was literally squeezing him at the top of his chest. Don’t squeeze too hard or the water squirts everywhere and we did get a bit wet then!!

However, he does really cry and my little one loved wiping away his tears. She was so cute.

At three years old she wasn’t too fussed with the larger bracelet included but her elder sister took it pretty quickly!

BABY Born Brother crying

We had also received some BABY Born nappies and my little girl was so keen to put a nappy on him! I wasn’t sure they would fit under his tight trousers but they did, which was great. I have had to change his nappy a million times for her though. I thought these were more aimed at the BABY Born babies but did fit Brother too.

Our Thoughts

My little one really loved her BABY Born Brother and I have to admit I’m quite fond of the little man. He is a good size and I like the way he can be given a drink and cries. It is really realistic and as I have a little 7 month old, my little girl can copy me and get involved.

Out of the dolls we have reviewed, if you are careful squeezing him, you don’t get too wet. With others we have been soaked. I still would keep a towel around or some tissues though, just in case.

I liked the soft touch body and that BABY Born Brother was easy to bend and move around. Daftly, it was also nice to see my little one play with a baby boy, as she has a younger brother. Sometimes, all dolls seem to be female.

Price-wise he isn’t a cheap doll, at almost £50 but is of good quality and would last, if looked after well. I like how you can buy different outfits for him too.

Overall I would recommend BABY Born Brother as a product. He would make a lovely Christmas present and is different to having a newborn-style doll.

baby born brother

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. October 23, 2019 / 11:42 pm

    My children were never into dolls. Not even Barbie when my daughter got older. She went straight from her obsession with dinosaurs to an obsession with horses, then an obsession to learn to draw horses. She never really played with toys at all. My son is the same. I remember my Tiny Tears when I was young though – feel a bit sad I didn’t get to relive it with own children!

  2. October 25, 2019 / 8:09 pm

    My boys love their baby dolls. My older boy has a baby girl doll (a substitute for the sister he always wanted, haha) and my younger one has a baby boy doll. It’s so sweet to watch them take care of them.

  3. October 28, 2019 / 6:11 pm

    Oh wow, my nephew is into dolls and he can’t get enough of them, I know he would love this soft touch