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Piglet is 3 Months Old

So it may be 2 days after Christmas and I hope you all had a brilliant one! However, I can’t forget that the newest addition to my family is 3 months old today. She is no longer classed as a newborn now and this feels both weird and exciting at the same time. I’m dying to see how she will develop and grow. She has just had her second set of jabs and once again coped really well. We had some tears and I dosed her up on Calpol just in case but she seemed fine.

How is my little Piglet getting on?


We are still going strong with the breastfeeding. Still no pattern to it. The gremlin never had one; she fed during the day quite frequently and Piglet is the same but the duration is less. Some days it is hourly and others she goes longer or just has little snacks. She will still take a bottle of expressed milk but the amount varies, depending on her hunger. We did try formula to see if she would have it when I had forgot to pump and she took this well. She does still go mad for me when I get home however, so I think she just about keeps herself going on the bottle but ultimately prefers the breast. I do need to get the little munch weighed after Christmas!


I HATE writing this down, as I always think it will tempt fate and we are approaching the dreaded 4 month regression and the possibility of teething BUT Piglet is sleeping through. There, I said it. She goes down anything from 7.30-10pm and will sleep until after 6am. I am not getting woken in the night at present. However, she only cat naps in the day and it is rare for her to sleep longer than 30-40 mins in a stretch. She is pretty alert most of the time with these little siestas to keep her fresh and happy.


Piglet has really found her hands and loves to chew them. She is also fascinated by patterns and colours on her clothes and this is hilarious when she stares at her arms so intently. We have also seen her lifting her legs up and moving to the side, so not sure if she wants to roll. Exciting!! She is chatting and cooing away and we had her first laugh a few weeks ago. This was so cute!!

Life as a Family of 4

We are still pretty settled and in a good routine. I have found the last month a bit harder as we are really having to nag at the gremlin a lot. It may be the excitement of Christmas but the not listening and silly behaviour has really intensified. Poor Piglet is getting jumped on a lot more too. As we are all getting a good amount of sleep so tempers aren’t being lost that much but we have been more snappy!

How Am I?

This month I have struggled a bit as had colds, mastitis and a dodgy knee. This has made me feel a bit more anxious and more fed up than normal, especially when on antibiotics as well. I hate feeling like this and have coped in the past so I’m sure will snap out of it. My exercise has been cut down a little but I am working around the knee, which does feel better. This is helping to clear my head and give me some time out. I don’t like wishing to be away from the gremlin but when I feel all I do is nag her, the break is welcome. She does so much better with me one on one.

It is scary to this we are at the 3 month mark but Piglet is such a chilled out little thing. She rarely cries and is a complete joy to be around.

See you at 4 months and pray for the sleep and teething to be ok!!