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8 Ways to Get Autumn Ready

I love autumn or the fall as they love to call it in the States. The slightly cooler air, the clothes, the colours of the leaves, the events, including my birthday! It feels like a magical time and always had since I was a little girl.

My hubby is the complete opposite as he really loves the warmth of summer. I think he needs the sun a little to keep him feeling cheerful.

I think when autumn is on it’s way there are a few things you can do to keep yourself cheerful and also really get yourself in the mood for the season.

This is what I like to do –

–  Go shopping! For me autumn fashion is my favourite. Jeans, new boots, warm jumpers, a new coat or jacket. I love it! The embroidered look is so popular at the moment and I am really into it. I’ll be getting my hubby to get some new clothes and possibly a nice, new pair of jeans

– Have a clear out and de clutter. Who says it has to be a spring clean? An autumn clean is just as important. Put away all your summer clothes and shoes. Tidy away the summer toys if you have kids. Sort the garden out and make space for the ever approaching c word…Christmas. You’ll feel better and refreshed for it!

– If it’s cool enough, get out your blankets or winter duvet. Dark and cooler mornings mean snuggling is just imperative!! Any excuse for an extra snooze in the morning. 

– Fight about whether or not it’s cold enough to put the central heating on. Hubby and I always try and wait until October but it is invariably September!!

– Plan Halloween!! Kids or not I do love Halloween. The girls will want to go trick or treating this year and I love choosing costumes, getting the pumpkin in and decorating parts of the house. The gremlin was so excited last year and it really made it so fun!!

– Go and have an autumn cafe trip! Now I’m not a coffee drinker at all and this does make me slightly gutted as all the fall drinks look amazing! Spiced pumpkin etc. I’ll have a cup of tea but I’ll watch you enjoy yours.

– If you have little ones do some autumn crafts. Collect leaves and make a leaf hedgehog.

– Go and visit an Arboretum. We did this a couple of years ago and it was so beautiful! If you time it around October the leaf colours are just beautiful and perfect for some stunning photos. 

I love the fall and am getting myself all excited just reading this!

What are your autumn traditions to get yourself in the mood?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.