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Daddy-Daughter Activities my Hubby Loves

Daddy-Daughter Activities my Hubby Loves

My hubby loves the time he gets to spend with the gremlin. He reads stories to her every night but only really gets quality time at the weekends. They bicker like an old married couple but love the time they spend together.


There are activities that they both enjoy and her are some of my hubby’s faves.


My hubby has recently got an allotment and he is in the early stages of getting it ready to plant seeds and grow vegetables. He takes the gremlin with him a lot and they love to plant seeds together. She was recently sent some seeds home from school, which she has planted and we are waiting for them to sprout.

We were also kindly sent some goodies from GBC Group for National Gardening Week, which is coming up from 30th April to May 6th. Hubby will be taking the seeds with the gremlin to hopefully plant, as there are some lovely veggies.

This is a great activity as promotes getting out and about, fresh air and learning about how things grow.

Reading Science Books

My hubby is really keen on the eldest getting into science, even a little so they read space books, body books and computing books together. Obviously these are aimed at kids, so she really enjoys it!

Going to the Cafe

Most Saturday mornings I hit the gym at 8am and come back for around 9am. Hubby and the gremlin tend to hit town, sometimes alone and sometimes with the youngest too. They also head to a cafe for a coffee, babycino and sometimes a scone. I always get some funny pictures of them together, covered in food.

Playing in the Garden

As the weather gets warmer and the nights lighter it tends to become a ritual that I clean up after eating and hubby and the girls head outside. He basically stands around whilst they need help going on the slide 10 billion times but both girls love it and there are always tears when they have to come in for the bath!

I hope both my girls have that special time with their Dad. It’s amazing for bonding and if nothing else, I get a break!!!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.