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From Your Bed To The (Home) Gym – Staying Fit At Home This Winter

From Your Bed To The (Home) Gym – Staying Fit At Home This Winter

Do you find that once winter comes and all motivation to exercise goes out the window? Who wants to go outside for a run when it’s freezing outside or it’s pitch black? Skipping the odd session can soon turn into weeks without exercise, and the next thing you know – you’re back to your old ways.

What’s that you say? It doesn’t have to be this way? You’re absolutely right. There are plenty of things you can do to stay fit in winter – all without leaving your home. Take a look at some fitness tips that will help you avoid winter weight gain and help you to stick to your goals.

Move your alarm clock further away

The temptation to hit ‘snooze’ is even greater in winter, when it’s too cold to put your foot out of the bed. However, you’ll have no choice if you put your alarm clock further away. Whether you use your phone or a classic clock radio – put them at the other end of the room so that you’re forced to get up and wake yourself up. Set your alarm half an hour to an hour earlier and then use the time to work out in the morning.

Warm up in the morning with yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to stay limber during the winter months. It’s the ideal way to start the day, and even just five minutes can help to invigorate you and wake you up. Bookmark this five-minute yoga routine and start your day off the right way:

Get your cardio fix with a HIIT

You don’t have to leave the house to get your cardio fix, you can get a great cardio workout in by doing a HIIT session at home. HIIT workouts are fast and fun and an amazing calorie burner! You can get some great results thanks to the combination of cardio and strength exercises, and you’ll continue to burn fat long after your cardio workout.

The Body Coach TV is a top choice for free HIIT workouts. There’s a lot of variety and new workouts being uploaded all of the time. From targeting specific areas to setting challenges for yourself (the brutal burpee challenge, anyone?) – it’s like having your own personal trainer in your home.

Workout with a virtual PT

Speaking of personal trainers, you could actually consider signing up for a virtual PT at home. Virtual personal trainers have a lot of benefits, and if you’re setting yourself specific goals or you’d like some more tailored training then this could be a good option for you. More affordable than a PT at the gym, you can get the benefits of personal training without having to leave the house.

Cycle in front of the TV

Want to be a great multi-tasker? Get yourself an exercise bike. With an exercise bike, you can workout while watching TV to help you stay fit in the comfort of your own living room. Some of the best exercise bikes are compact and easy to put away, meaning they won’t take over your home. Cycling is an excellent way to get fit, and you can always try some interval training on the bike to help you make the most of shorter workouts.

Be your own spin instructor

As well as regular cycling workouts, you could use your new exercise bike to run a spin class for yourself. There are virtual spin classes you can do that are just as motivating and energising, so why not give it a try? Spin can help you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, so if you’ve only got an hour to workout, this could be one of the most effective ways to stay fit.

Focus on bodyweight exercises

Exercises that use your own bodyweight will make you leaner and stronger, and the best news is that there is no equipment necessary! You can tailor your workout based on the areas of your body you’d like to target, with lots of great moves you can use. Some of the best bodyweight exercises to get fast results include:

  • Burpees
  • Press ups
  • Squats (especially jump squats)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squat thrusts

Plan what you’re going to do in advance to help you get the most out of your workout.

Build those abs

Ab exercises are something that can be forgotten about in the gym, so why not use the winter months to focus on your abs at home? Most ab exercises are done without any equipment, and there’s a lot of variety available to stop things becoming stale or boring. Take a look at some of the best ab exercises and start working on your core.

Set yourself reminders

It can be tough to find the motivation to workout at home, but setting yourself some goals and little reminders to stick at it will make things easier. Think of your fitness routine as something that you schedule, like a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting, and make it something that you have to stick to. As well as reminders to workout, set yourself reminders for weigh-ins and progress updates so that you can monitor your progress as time moves along, helping you feel inspired and motivated by the results.

Don’t give in to winter food cravings

Working out in winter is one thing, eating well can be an entirely separate challenge. We all like to over indulge over the festive period, but if you maintain discipline you’ll be able to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, even in winter. Exercising inspires you to eat healthier, so combine the two to help you stay on track with your goals and to feel great this winter.

Staying healthy throughout the year requires a lot of self-discipline, but in winter it can be even tougher. Take the pressure off going for a run or going to the gym by embracing the home workout so that you can help yourself stay fit this winter.

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