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Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll & Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter REVIEW | AD

girl with kindi kids rainbow kate doll

During lockdown I must admit I love to treat the girls a little bit. They have actually grown to be best buddies during this period of time at home and are actually playing really well together a lot. Of course we are having the sibling fights but overall they have been lovely. When I was asked to review some Kindi Kids toys from Moose toys, it was a definite yes! My middley was pretty indifferent at first but my eldest was so excited. However, I knew when both the Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll and the Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter arrived, both girls would love them.

I was right too. My eldest nagged me for weeks, wondering when The Kindi Kids bundle was coming and when we saw the delivery man, dropping off their parcel as we came home from one of our daily walks, they both went nuts!

Maintaining Friends and Routine During Lockdown

Although my girls have been the best of friends during lockdown and have played really well together, I have had to try really hard to keep some form of routine and normality for them; especially my eldest daughter. For her, she is missing school and her friends and although she has coped very well, I am a little worried for her. My middle daughter, who is 3, loves being at home and is quite happy! I think she is a little bit little though, which I am grateful for!!

Some of the things we have tried to do for my eldest –

– She has Facetimed her best friend from school a few times and they made each other little cards, filled with lovely messages.

– She has Facetimed her Nanny and Grandad most days, so she has been able to keep in touch with them.

– We have a routine that we loosely stick to, apart from the weekends. My eldest does her school work during the morning with snack and play breaks. We have lunch and always try to go out for a walk after lunch together. The girls always go out on their bikes or scooters. Then there is a little more school work, tidying (!) and chill time. This routine works!

– We are quite open and honest. We answer any questions she may have and talk positively about returning to school and what she may expect.

– I’ve tried to spend time with my eldest and make her feel special. If she’s asked to go on the trampoline, I’ve done this. If they want to play a game, have tried to find time and make the effort.

It’s not easy but also fun to plan some activities for your kids now and then.  I wouldn’t say they have to be planned daily but can help, if you really are struggling to find things to do!

Kindi Kids can help with some ideas too! Here are some of their activity cards with some fun things to try with kids.

Hopscotch is something my eldest loves to do and when we are out she likes to jump on the paving cracks. Hopscotch can be a fun game to help with keeping fit and active too.

I love playing Musical Statues with the girls and we often take it to the next level and play on the trampoline, where it is even harder! I use my phone for music and watch them try and freeze and balance when the music stops!!

Of course playing with some toy treats helps and her is more about the Kindi Kids products we were sent!

Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll

The Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll retails at £24.99 and is aimed at children aged 3 and over.

She comes with two Shopkins accessories and can be found in Argos.

Rainbow Kate has really big, glittery eyes and lovely rainbow hair. Her adorable head bobbles with every movement. You take her Shopkins Cupcake out of its wrapper and spin it around! Also shake her magic Shopkins Slushie and see it sparkle! With your help, she can “sip” from her magic cup.

She has changeable clothes and removable shoes and is 25cm tall.

kindi kids rainbow kate doll in the box

Kindi Kids Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter

The Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter retails at £14.99 and is also aimed at children aged 3 and over. Again, this comes with two Shopkins; a cute Smoothie Shopkin and a super sweet Strawberry Shopkin. The ears move up and down, as you push the scooter.

The Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter is perfect for your Kindi Kids to ride on, so we were looking forward to Rainbow Kate having a ride.

There is also a delivery compartment in the back, perfect for storing the Shopkins.

I was really keen to get the kids testing out the products and having a play.

What Did we Think?

The Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate doll I liked the look off immediately. I am a complete rainbow lover and her hair and beautiful eyes really caught my eye.

I thought her clothes were lovely and for any young child, she would be something they would be begging for immediately! She made me wish I was a kid again!

kindi kids rainbow kate doll

The girls thought the same. Her head bobs around and the girl immediately wanted to take her dress and shoes off and put back on again ten times! This was easy to do as well. My middle daughter is always asking me to do this for Kate, she could!

I loved the sturdiness of the scooter and it was really easy to put Rainbow Kate on. She balances really well and can be pushed around. The Shopkins also fit in the delivery compartment well. Although the scooter is pretty sturdy, my middley did manage to pull the cover off the the delivery compartment! However, this was easily fixable!

Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter

The girls played for ages together. They make up some lovely games and shared the toys really well!

Overall Thoughts

My girls loved the Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll and I can see why. At £24.99, she is reasonably priced for a lovely doll. She is very colourful and so eye-catching.

The girls loved her bobbing head and it was very easy to undress and redress her. I also liked the feel of the doll’s skin.

girl holding kindi kids rainbow kate doll

The Puppy Petkin Delivery Scooter was perfect for Rainbow Kate. I liked the way she sat on it and didn’t fall off! This can drive me a little mad with the girls’ toys but no issues with these products.

The Scooter is bright and colourful and easily moves around. It was a fun addition to games with the Kindi Kids dolls and at £15.99, a really good price!

A big thumbs up from us and lots of fun for the girls during lockdown.

Disclosure – we received these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.