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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Have a Home Gym

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Have a Home Gym

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Although it is great to go to the gym regularly, sometimes life can get in the way. It’s essential to have your own exercise equipment. Home gyms are a must-have for anyone who is serious about staying healthy. These are the top benefits of a home gym:


The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. One hour and fifteen minutes per week should be dedicated to vigorous exercise or a combination of both. It is recommended that you do your exercise throughout the week and include muscle-building exercises at least twice per week.

It is not easy to stick to an exercise program. Even though you may have the best intentions, the inconvenience of having to pack clothes, shampoo, towels, and a water bottle and fighting traffic on your way to the gym can quickly dampen your enthusiasm. You can reach your fitness goals by having access to gym equipment packages at home.


Finding the time to exercise consistently is one of the greatest hardships. A half-hour workout can quickly turn into a two-hour affair if you add in the time that it takes to pack and unpack your gym bag, travel time to and from the gym, as well as wait in line for machines.

Perhaps you’ve ever waited for a machine at the gym and felt awkward. While you need to be close enough to the machine to grab the weights or jump on the elliptical, you don’t want them to feel pushy or crowding. This will frustrate you and lose your time.

You can train at home without the hassle of going to the gym.


You don’t have to block out an hour and a half of your day for this. You don’t have to wait until the right time when the traffic is lighter, and the gym has fewer people. You can use the treadmill or elliptical at your home gym whenever you feel like it.

It’s possible to exercise while you watch your favorite TV show or the news. You can lift weights in the morning before you get up to shower.


Many gyms have a dress code. You can exercise at your own pace if you have equipment at home. It doesn’t matter if your clothes fit well, look good, or are athletic enough. You can wear what you like without worrying about whether it is comfortable.

Although the gym management attempts to find a compromise, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in large gyms with many sweaty people. You control the temperature at home and can set it yourself.

What about the music? The chances of you liking the music at the gym are low. You can play your favorite songs or relax to your heart’s content in a home gym.


Exercise is well known to reduce stress and anxiety. What if you’re afraid of going to the gym? Because you worry about being judged by others, you can get into a vicious circle of anxiety.

This is not an uncommon experience. Nearly 65 percent of women and 36 percent of men avoid the gym due to fear of what others might think. Although most people fear being judged about their weight, there are other fears:

  • Incorrectly using equipment
  • Exercises that are not correct
  • Not being enough athletic or looking good in the gym
  • While exercising, you can look awkward

You don’t need to worry about safety when you exercise in your own home gym. You can work at your own pace and make your own jokes or watch the most ridiculous reruns while you exercise.


What is the most recent time your family worked out? Everyone in your family — children, teens, and seniors — needs to exercise at an appropriate level. According to the World Health Organization, young people between 5 and 17 years old should be doing at least one hour of exercise activity per day at a moderate to vigorous intensity. Their workouts should be aerobic, with muscle-strengthening and bone-loading activities added several times per week.

Older adults should exercise the same as younger ones. People who can’t reach the minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of intense exercise should gradually increase their efforts. To prevent falls, older adults with limited mobility should be active a minimum of three days per week.

It can be difficult to get to the gym. But it’s not as hard to get your children or other family members there. You can be completely sure that your loved ones are getting the exercise they need in a safe and secure environment with a home gym.


You know the rising cost of childcare if you have children. It is difficult to find quality childcare for your children. You may already be planning your errands around the availability of caregivers.

Although some gyms offer childcare, it can increase the cost of your monthly membership. You will need to bring a bag to carry your child to the gym or get the shoes and mittens for them.

Some children who are too old to go to the gym may not want to be left alone for long periods of time. You can exercise in your own home while the baby is asleep or the older children are outside playing or doing schoolwork.


Bad weather is the number one reason people stop their exercise routines. It’s not an excuse. But it can often be a safety concern. Nearly six million car accidents occur annually. Twenty-one percent of these are weather-related. 70% of weather-related car crashes occur on wet pavement. Another 18% happens during snow or sleet storms. These crashes kill nearly 5,000 people every year.

A home gym means you don’t have to worry about getting to the gym or being late due to snow and ice. You can exercise when you want, whether you are looking to do it in the morning or at night. You can exercise in the safety and comfort of your home.


Many organizations are encouraging Americans to exercise in their homes during the pandemic. Your home gym is open 24 hours a day, despite the fact that some gyms might be closed temporarily or with restricted hours due to Covid-19.

You may be more aware of the transmission of diseases after the pandemic, or you might have hated exercising on equipment for years. You can have your own weight bench or exercise bike and get a safe, clean workout every time.


Your workout at the gym is severely limited by what the owner has to offer. You have full control over the design and layout of your home gym. Are you looking for a rower? Buy one. Are you looking for a specific brand or type of treadmill? Are you looking for a partner or friend to help you get things done? Buy two of the same thing. You decide what you want in your gym when it is located in your home.

There are so many possibilities! Don’t be intimidated by the options. If you don’t know where to begin building your home gym, there are certified fitness consultants that can help. They will look at your space and listen to your needs to design your personal home gym.

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.