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How to Turn your En Suite into a Home Spa

How to Turn your En Suite into a Home Spa

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.

As a parent, you may find yourself on the go from the moment you wake up right up until your children go to bed. Depending on their ages and needs, these times could vary. Due to this, you may lack the time to be able to go to a spa for a bit of pampering. This doesn’t mean you need to miss out on that important self-care. Instead, you could think of the ways that your private en suite bathroom could be turned into a luxury home spa.

Allow a bit of vanity

While you may not have any interest in applying makeup or spending copious amounts of time on your hair, it can still be nice to feel good about yourself. Installing a vanity unit into your en suite could help you to do so. Plus, if you do decide to make that extra effort, you may have a mirror available to make the most of it. Storage can also be incredibly important, especially if you hate the sight of clutter. Using more luxurious materials for the vanity unit in your en suite may be a better idea than the family bathroom, as you may be more likely to appreciate and look after them, especially if your children are still quite young. Also, it can be nice for the grown-ups to have a treat every now and then!

Use a speaker

Whether you prefer the relaxing sounds of nature, or the latest headbanger, having some of your favourite music in the bathroom can really help you to unwind. You may not like the idea of having your phone or normal speakers in there, due to the amount of damp both in the air and on surfaces. This is where a Bluetooth speaker made for bathroom usage could be helpful. These might be battery-powered, so it can be a good idea to check their levels regularly, so you aren’t disappointed midway through your relaxation time. You could then set up a playlist of songs you love and leave your phone in the bedroom, but close to where your en suite is, so that it can still connect without having to be in the room with you. Some speakers may have better sound quality than others, so this can be worth looking into before you buy.

Add some greenery

Viewing nature can be a wonderful way of allowing you to feel a sense of calm. While not all plants may be suited for the bathroom, some may thrive in the humidity and moisture likely to be present. This could help to transform your en suite into a tropical paradise. Some plants may also give off scents too, which could further be used to increase the level of relaxation, especially if your skincare or bath products match.

Many parents may feel better within themselves by making their own care more of a priority. Allowing yourself to genuinely enjoy your time in your bathroom could help you to think more positively.

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.