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Top Reasons Everyone Should Visit New York City At Least Once

Top Reasons Everyone Should Visit New York City At Least Once

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

New York City should be on everyone’s bucket list – it is a city like no other and has earned its moniker as the City That Never Sleeps. There is always something to do in NYC, no matter the time of day. You’ll find activities and adventures to suit any taste and a cultural backdrop that is truly unique. NYC is also called the Melting Pot of the US, thanks to its vibrant and thriving communities from countries and ethnicities across the globe.  

Like most major metropolises, there is more to do in New York City than most people could hope to accomplish in a single visit; even NYC residents would struggle to visit every museum, gallery, boutique and cultural landmark. However, there are some key experiences that should make it onto a savvy visitor’s list of must-do activities in NYC.  

Shopping Experiences Like No Other 

NYC has shopping experiences to suit any fashion taste and budget – from big-name department stores to chic boutiques, flea markets for vintage treasure hunters, to luxury brands like the world-famous Tiffany’s. Shopping alone could take up a week’s visit to New York City, and the experience will be unlike any other. You might need to save up some funds for the pricier stores, but bargain hunters will feel right at home in the many flea markets and vintage stores that NYC has to offer.  

Incredible Views Of The Famous Skyline 

The New York City skyline is one of the most easily recognizable in the world – it adorns artworks created across the globe and cuts a stunning vista. There are many ways to enjoy the skyline during your visit; a trip to the top of the Empire State Building is a must. Consider visiting at dusk to enjoy the unbelievable view of the sun setting over Manhattan. You could also consider going for a helicopter ride over the Hudson River, one of the very best ways to see the skyline from above.  

Stunning Architecture 

Architecture is another of the major draws of NYC, and there are buildings of a wide range of styles for visitors to enjoy. There is the art deco Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, the modern Rockefeller Center, and so many more. There are tours available to visitors (both on foot and by road) that will take you around some of the most iconic architecture and the incredible history of the city.  

Connections To Other Major Cities 

New York City is connected to many other cities in the US and beyond, making it an ideal place to start out if you’re planning a longer trip throughout America and Canada. You can find cost-effective travel options for buses and trains to places near and far, like this Montreal to New York bus that runs daily, with both daytime and nighttime travel options available. Always use a reputable price comparison and booking site like Wanderu to ensure you enjoy the most cost-effective transport possible.  

Unbelievable Culinary Experiences 

Another of the biggest attractions of NYC is the incredible food on offer – you will find almost every cuisine imaginable in the city. This is thanks in part to its melting pot history; New York City was where immigrants from across the world first arrived during its time as the primary port city in the US. As a result, you’ll find incredible authentic dining experiences from cultures across the world, as well as uniquely New York iterations of famous dishes.  

Sports Experiences Of A Lifetime 

NYC is home to many world-famous sports teams: the Yankees, the Mets, the Knicks, the Giants and the Jets. The list goes on, but these are some of the biggest names in American football, baseball and basketball. No trip to NYC is complete for a sports fan without seeing one of the classic American pastimes in action. There are tours of the Yankees Stadium throughout the year, and there is almost always a game to watch, either a friendly in the off-season or one of the many tournament games during the season.  

Unique Mix Of Greenery And Skyscrapers 

One of the many things that makes New York City so unique is the incredible contrast between green spaces – the iconic Central Park – and towering skyscrapers. After a day of traipsing around the incredible concrete giants in Manhattan, you can take a break from the cityscape by venturing into the verdant greenery of the park. You could rent a bike to explore the park fully, attend a gig, see the exotic animals in Central Park Zoo or take a picnic to enjoy in the lush greenery.  


New York City has something for everyone: a thriving nightlife, unparalleled cultural experiences, incredible dining, stunning architecture and a host of world-famous sporting events. If you want to visit NYC, it is best to try and make it an extended trip so that you can soak up as much of the city’s atmosphere and experiences as possible. It is also a good idea to write up an itinerary to help you maximize your time in the city – leaving some free time for spontaneity at the same time.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.