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Where do you start with updating your business security?

Where do you start with updating your business security?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

In this day and age, businesses simply can’t afford to slack off on their approach to security. There are too many competitors out there who will take your place in the market, and an increasing number of criminals out to make a quick buck. 

Luckily, there are plenty of security solutions available to businesses who want to update their approach – here’s where to start.

Assess your needs and weaknesses

To start off, you need to assess both the kinds of threats that your business faces, and the effectiveness of the measures you currently have in place. 

Threats could include break-ins or fires, and you want to make sure that you’re being as efficient as possible in mitigating those risks. Only once you’re certain about where your weaknesses are can you really start thinking about how to update your business security.

Security roller shutters

An effective security update for lots of businesses is to install security roller shutters from suppliers such as LBS Group. These shutters act as a strong barrier that can prevent both break-ins and secure against extreme weather events. 

While they can be a stand-alone security solution, they can also be used in addition to windows and more traditional doors. Security roller shutters can be highly effective for a wide range of different businesses, from high street stores to suburban garages.

Internal fire doors

Fire is one of the most serious risks that businesses need to consider when updating their approach to security, and fire doors and shutters can be an incredibly effective solution. They can be placed in strategic locations around the business, helping to slow the spread of fire throughout the space until the fire services arrive. 

You can also create safe zones through which people can evacuate, or place additional protection around valuable material assets to decrease the risk that they get damaged.

Steel doors

Sometimes, shutters just aren’t quite enough. If you have a space that really needs protecting, or you operate in an area with particularly high levels of crime, then you may want to consider installing steel doors. 

It’s important to mention that these kinds of doors are only as strong as their weakest link, and to make them really effective, you’ll need to reinforce the walls around them. This will require the work of a specialist – don’t just hire anyone for the job, make sure that they have extensive experience installing security doors of a similar type.

These tips listed above should get you off to a good start with updating your business security. It’s important to not just focus on the physical aspect – a door is useless if someone forgets to lock it. In addition to installing high-tech security solutions, you also need to provide your employees with extensive security training, and have clear protocols on details such as who locks up at the end of the day. 

By integrating training with hardware, you can develop a highly effective security system that keeps a range of risks at an absolute minimum.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.