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A summer recreation area for children in your backyard

A summer recreation area for children in your backyard

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

The main rules of a playground for the summer are that it should be simple, safe, and changed to suit the interests of the younger generation. Let’s take away the boring plastic slides and playhouses: a cool area for children can be built from what you have on hand and adapted for both children and adults if you choose high-quality and modern outdoor furniture.

When choosing outdoor furniture, people often look to the one that is made in Dubai. In Dubai, you can find a variety of outdoor furniture options that meet the highest standards of quality and design to build a playground for both children and adults. For example, you can fit an umbrella canopy into the playground so that adults can drink a cocktail in the sun and look after the children in the pool. The climatic conditions in Dubai mean that outdoor furniture must be durable and resistant to extreme heat and sandstorms – which means the furniture will not be damaged by children. Take this suggestion to use in your plan for the summer recreation area.

Cabins and climbing route

A house where you can hide from prying eyes is a necessary element of any playground: puppet tea parties will take place here, there will be a secret base and a pirates’ lair, and if necessary, this home will turn into a fortress, a princess’s castle, and a magical portal. It is better to build a house without walls and use thick fabric to protect it from the sun, rain, and wind. A simple climbing route on a playground can be made from boards or furniture boards and special holds or ordinary wooden blocks. For routes that run close to land, use noodles, and flexible swimming accessories made from lightweight foam plastic. They can also be used to make temporary soccer goals or arches for ball games. You can also build rope bridges. Place outdoor benches nearby so children can rest after playing.

Sandboxes and kitchen

A sandbox with an umbrella canopy is both a safe place to play on the playground (the child does not risk getting sunstroke) and a relaxation area for adults. If you provide the sandbox with a light lid, then it won’t be afraid of rain either. Remember that the sandbox should not be placed in low-lying, humid areas of the playground so that the sand does not become too damp. You can also build a kitchen for your child under the roof. It is an ideal eco-friendly landscape idea and an entertainment on the playground from a couple of boards, an old sink, and other scrap materials. Or you can take old indoor or outdoor furniture to make it.

Water games

Set up a small playground where you can play around with water on hot days. This part of the site can be covered with rubber flooring so that it is not slippery, and then you can simply bring a hose here and build several routes for water and water mills. You can put sun loungers so you can sunbathe and cool off with water nearby.

Drawing board

One of the tips to decorate your garden and prevent chalk-painted paths from spoiling the appearance of your well-groomed suburban area, select a part of the wall or fence in the playground for painting. Paint a board or furniture board with special chalkboard-effect paint or make the coating yourself by mixing, for example, dark paint with tile grout or latex paint and primer for it (in a ratio of 8 to 1).

DIY swing

The swing is probably the most vivid and memorable event from our distant childhood, which gave us an incomparable feeling of freedom, a sense of flight, and weightlessness. That is why swings have become an invariable attribute of a children’s playground for recreation in the country. A country swing can be made from an old skateboard, from the seat of a broken plastic chair, from an unnecessary tire, or from a round piece of wood. The main thing is to remember safety – the lighter the seat material, the lower the risk of injury.

The imagination for an outdoor children’s area is simply limitless. You can use these ideas by customizing them for your child and choosing outdoor furniture that suits both children and parents.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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