I’m the Mum Who……

I’m the Mum Who……
I was nominated by the lovely Jo at Momma Boss Blog to do the “I’m the Mum who…” post ages ago! So have finally got a wiggle on! You can see Jo’s post here:

So here it goes, I’m the Mum who….
  • Says flipping instead of F**k a lot.
  • Forces my child to listen to the music I like so she goes insane when it comes on.
  • Is a bit too laid back and my gremlin then ends up tripping up/banging her head/falling off the sofa.
  • Loves to bath at night with the gremlin (even though it means I can’t shave for fear of a bloodbath).
  • Who is desperate for cuddles and gets told NO!
  • Who lets my girl look at YouTube on my phone (I need a minute or 28).
  • Will not let my gremlin eats lollipops/sweets no matter how many she is given on holiday – I want her to have healthy teeth.
  • Has a temper and has to really hold it together and breathe when my gremlin is playing up.
  • Cleans the bathroom sink with a baby wipe.
  • Posts too many photos of my gremlin on Instagram.
  • Gets stressed when my gremlin doesn’t eat/eats cake/doesn’t eat fruit – basically anything food related. Dietitian woes.
  • Panicks if the gremlin is in the sun without Factor 50 (even though she tans nicely -unfair!)
  • Always forgets something in the baby bag – wipes, nappy sacks, bibs and gets a lecture from my Mum.
  • Who doesn’t keep all the works of “art” from nursery or eat the food the gremlin brings home. Ooops naughty Mummy! We do have a few things honestly!
The chocolate hedgehog aka the turd
  • Wants it all to be perfect and right at once and am trying to learn life does not work like that with a toddler.
  • Is happy to wait a while before having Baby Number 2. I love her but man, 2 in nappies? Two under 2? No chance.
Thanks for the nomination! I now nominate if you fancy a go?

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