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Christmas Gift Guide for a 4 Year Old Girl

Christmas Gift Guide for a 4 Year Old Girl

The gremlin, I must admit is one the easiest in my family to buy a gift for. Like most 4 year old girls with a bit of a love for YouTube, she is always hankering after something. The thing she wants more than anything this year is a mermaid tail with no hole!! I’m having visions of her wriggling around the lounge with her legs stuck in this mermaid tail. Madness!

So I decided to put together a gift guide for her. Some of these products are previous reviews that I have done and others are novel ideas (the mermaid tail isn’t getting included before you ask!)

So here we go.

1) Luvabella Doll

child feeding luvabella doll

If you haven’t heard about Luvabella dolls then you may have had your head hidden under a rock for a while. Spinmaster have once again created a must have toy this Christmas. You can read my full review of her but in summary: Luvabella is a lifelike dolly who is very interactive, you feed her, soothe her to sleep and she learns new words and phrases, the more you play with her.

Very innovative and exciting for young children and perfect for those who love playing with dolls and also need to get used to litte babies.

Luvabella isn’t cheap at £99.99 and stock is limited so fingers crossed if your little one wants one, Santa can deliver!

2) Room to Grow Single Bed Cover

I don’t always want my gremlin to get a tonne of toys at Christmas so the thought of her having a lovely new duvet was a really different idea.  I love this traditional Pretty Patchwork Single Duvet set from Room to Grow.

It is very pink and flowery which will suit my little girl to a T. As specified online “The Pretty Patchwork Single Duvet Set has a gorgeous design of butterflies, flowers, hearts, birds and birdcages.The vibrant pink and green palette and vintage style patchwork design is reversible so there’s never a dull moment with this great duvet set.”

Room to Grow offer a variety of children’s and nursery furniture and well as accessories.

It retails at £24.99.

3) A Scooter

My gremlin has a scooter but at some point she will need a bigger size and one from SkateHut would be perfect for her. Most are recommended from 5 years and up but this will be fine for her next year.

I particularly like this MGP -VX7 Mini Pro Complete Scooter in purple. It’s small and light and perfect for if she wants to start with some little tricks. It retails at £99.95.

4) Sands Alive – Classic Set

The gremlin loves her sand but it is really hard to play with it in the winter. This is where Sands Alive is perfect!

Sands Alive is really soft modelling sand that does not dry out! It’s unique and moulds easily. Moulds are included and kids can just let their imagination run wild! It really is great stuff to keep your kids entertained.

Sands Alive comes in a variety of different themed and coloured sets so there is so much choice. The starter kit can be purchased on Amazon and although it RRPs at £14.99, it is currently reduced at the time this was posted.

5) Little Live Pets – My Dream Kitty Cuddles

If your child is an animal lover but perhaps you are not ready to buy a pet a Little Live Pets – My Dream Kitty Cuddles is a really good substitute!

You can read my full review of the product here but these lovely real-life kittys are aimed at children aged 4 years and up. This cute toy kitten, known as Cuddles, loves to be loved. It moves, cuddles and responds like a real kitten. Tickle under the chin or pat it’s back and it will behave differently for you. She purrs, falls asleep and feeds from her little bowl.

A really sweet gift for little ones. The RRP for this is £55 but I have seen it reduced in various toy stores so worth having a look if you fancy one.

6) Jungle Jam Books

The gremlin always has her stories at bedtime with her Dad and we are always on the look out for some new books to read. As she has got very into her music with her birthday present of an Amazon Dot, combining reading with music sounds like a great idea. The Jungle Jam series of books does just this.

As quoted, “This series of captivating rhyming books, introduces children to new sounds, cultures and
musical instruments. Exploring a range of life-lessons with the Jungle Jam band, the books, make some of the best gifts for kids this Christmas.”

As you can see from the picture, the books will take you all over the world, learning about the cultures and music from a variety of countries. The books retail at £5.99 each and can be purchased from the shop or Amazon.

 7) Super Soft Molang from Tomy

The gremlin is a soft toy hoarder. I’m sure you have one too? So meet Super Soft Molang, a soft, eccentric, adventurous rabbit.

He’s really soft and squishy and you can stretch and squeeze Molang and he will return to his original shape! Perfect for travelling or sleeping with. He’s suitable for little one aged 3 and up and RRPs at £18. You can buy him in Debenhams or Amazon.

8) Phil the Fridge from Tomy

I like a good game and so does my gremlin. I especially like action games and Phil the Fridge is perfect for this!

Phil spins around and you must get the food into the correct holes but watch out for his door! When it opens, all the food falls out and you have to start again. The winner is the first person to get all their coloured food in the fridge.  Two-four players can play and it’s suitable from ages 4 up, RRPing at £16.

And there you have it Christmas shoppers. I hope this has given you some ideas for your little ones.

Have a lovely Christmas!


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  1. November 24, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    These are lovely ideas for a four year old. Sylvia is getting a scooter this Christmas!