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what2buy4kids Pink Cow Happy Hopperz – REVIEW

Is there such a thing as second child syndrome? I really do think so when you have two kids of the same sex. I have absolutely no idea what to buy little Piglet this year for Christmas as she already has everything from her elder sister. Any ideas are always welcome and when I was offered the chance to review a gift from what2buy4kids, I was extremely keen.

what2buy4kids is designed to really help you out when buying gifts for boys and girls of all ages and there is so much choice. They were recently described as “The Toy Shop that cares” by a customer, which is amazing feedback. The website is very easy to navigate to find gifts recommended for specific ages.

What did we Receive?

Little Piglet was sent a Pink Cow Happy Hopperz (medium).

This is aimed for little ones aged 1 and up, so perfect for my girly. It retails at £21.99 and is like a pig space hopper.

The toy comes with a pump which is easy to inflate and deflate, depending on if you want to keep it around or out away between plays.

It’s designed with fun and exercise in mind and it encourages balance and core strength. Your little one holds onto the ears and just bounces!

What did we Think?

Little Piglet loved this! We didn’t get it out until she was a little over one but I knew she would like it, as she spends ages on her rocking horse and push along car.

Hubby inflated it really easily with the included pump and it sits quite sturdily. It feels secure and doesn’t make you worry it will burst or anything!

Yes my daughter is dressed as a skeleton in December!!

She can easily climb on and off the cow and when she gets going, she can really bounce. It’s lovely watching the pure joy in the face and her giggles are so adorable.

Sometimes I lift it up and down with her on it and she gets even more excited!

Overall Thoughts

I loved this toy. As I’m quite into my exercise I love anything that can get my girls active but is also fun. It’s reasonably priced and is quite an original idea as a gift.

The inflatable is easy to get going, sturdy and I feel the recommend age of use is just right.

A thumbs up from us and a great idea for a Christmas gift!

Disclosure – we were provided with this toy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.