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Getting Prepared to Take a Road Trip with the Kids

I remember a few months before the gremlin was born, I had a new car. Previously I had a Nissan Micra and I knew it wouldn’t be very practical for when a baby came along. It was quite small and I think I worried about how safe it would be. I bought another Nissan, a Qashqai and I remember our first road trip in it. We were invited to a wedding in Wales and it was going to be a good three hour trip. We didn’t really mind it. New car, all exciting and it was just the two of us!!

Add kids into the mix and road trips seems to have become a thing of the past. We really don’t tend to drive for more than 90 minutes with the kids. It’s usually enough time for them to have a snooze and just chill out. We haven’t invested in any in car entertainment, as we generally haven’t needed to! The gremlin is getting a bit older though and is already full of “are we there yets” and constantly demanding that we listen to Taylor Swift AND telling hubby and I off when we deign to talk whilst she is trying to listen. Fun and games eh?

Saying that, we do think it is probably time to try and go a little farther afield with the girls. My youngest is pretty laid back, when her elder sister keeps her hands of her that is! We are hoping to go and see friends soon and this may take us a little longer, so fingers crossed.

One thing my husband gets a little worried over is the journey; he always checks the traffic 10 billion times before we leave! He also likes to check the car is safe, we have re-fuelled and that the tyres are in good working order. I wish we could just travel in style, like with Would make our journeys a lot more fun!

Tyreplus are a company that can help with ensuring your car is safe and ready to go when you have a long road-trip planned. We are still in winter and the UK weather is always tricking us; ice and snow seem to appear from no-where. They stock all weather tyres and you can find your car’s perfect tyre match by typing in the registration number.

I also asked my hubby for his top tips for preparing for a road trip, with both your car and tyres:

– Tyre wise, check the pressure and check the tread wear. Also check the sides for signs of cracking and also ensure you have done the same for the spare tyre just in case. In reality though, this should be something you should be doing regularly to ensure your car is safe.

– Check the oil and windscreen wash. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with dirty windows and not be able to clean.

– Check the fuel level. It’s really easy to think you will make a journey with small amount of fuel and actually you won’t!!!

– If it is winter pack blankets, water and plenty snacks for in case you break down. Your car will cool down very quickly and it is very uncomfortable when you are cold, especially with little ones.

We are hoping to get out and about on the road a little more with the munchkins! Let’s see where the road takes us!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.