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Will I Ever Stop Worrying About my Eldest?

Will I Ever Stop Worrying About my Eldest?

I went to the eldest’s parent’s evening last week. I’m not sure what I expected. I kind of knew how she was getting on, as a lot is shared on the school’s online system. I have also chatted with her teacher over a few bits since Christmas and I guess what I’m saying is, I knew there really was nothing to worry about.

And I was right. She’s happy, she has friends, she is where she should be for her year, despite being one of the youngest and I came away knowing what she needs to work on. Easy?


I still feel like I constantly worry over this little girl. I’ve written recently about the differences between child no 1 and 2 and the worry is probably one of the biggest things. My baby is a September babe and she’s so different already. She’s quite confident, loves being on her feet exploring and she’s very practical. I feel when she goes to school, I’ll be pretty much kicking her out of the door!

The gremlin is so different. She has that vulnerability about her. She’s quieter and a little shyer. I guess it’s because she’s my first and every experience with her is new and I’m learning too as she goes along. School are pretty good in the respect that they have highlighted where they expect her to be with her learning but I always worry about her falling behind.

Is she happy? Are her friends treating her well? Can she go and ask for her help at school? I guess it’s the element of control. I’m putting her care into the hands of others and although my rationale brain is telling me she is fine, the worries still come into my daft head.

I almost feel like although your first child gets you to themselves before other children come along, they are like guinea pigs. They are the ones you test everything on. They see the more stressed you, the more worried you. They are the ones you learn with. Weaning, illness, walking, nursery and then onto school. I already know I will be more chilled when Piglet goes to school. I know what’s coming and what to expect. I also think at the same time I may do a bit more with her at home before she goes, as I know what I’m doing now!!

I have a feeling this worry with my eldest will not disappear anytime soon. She’s my first baby and she has that element of nervousness about her sometimes. I know she is bright and kind and I’ve been told so many times to stop worrying about her.

But I don’t think it will stop.

What about you? Do you worry over the smallest things with your kids?