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Don’t Wish for That Show Home – Time Flies

Don’t Wish for That Show Home – Time Flies

I know I’m not the most particular of people when it comes to the house. Don’t get me wrong, mess and filth drive me mad and I can’t cope for long but at the same time I’m realistic. I know I will never have a show home when I have young children. Even when we moved into a bigger house, I knew we would just spread out!

mum hoovering with a Shark hoover

Kids = mess

Kids = toys

Kids = crumbs

Kids = battered walls and stained carpets

I guess the purpose of this post is to actually drum the message about not worrying about the mess into my head. And not just because acceptance is good for soul but that because time flies so fast and these kids won’t be kids anymore.

There are occasions when I visit friends and oogle over their houses. They may have beautiful decor; those beautiful curtains from John Lewis (!) or that perfect table lamp from Cox and Cox or just a beautiful, tidy house. It’s hard not to go into a fantasy of what your house could look like if two small whirlwinds (three if I count hubby!!) that destroy any tidiness and order that I’ve created.

We are planning some work on our house, which I’m hoping to write about if we go ahead. This may help a little with the office, blogging and toy mess but I know my house will just never be a show house and should I really care?

The dining table is full of paper, books, maths stuff and crayons but my gremlin has been keen to write, or draw and I’m making the most of this.

There are toys all over at one end of the room and books off the shelf but my baby girl has wanted to read.

There is food all over the floor; peas and sweetcorn but the gremlin has eaten veg and my baby girl is independent and is feeding herself.

The gremlin’s room is a tip and she needs help tidying up but she has gone and played in her room and allowed me to get a few jobs done.

I have all my blogging stuff at the end of the dining table but it’s a hobby I love and it’s bringing me money and enjoyment. I’m hoping to have a desk in the office we are hoping to create!

The wall in the kitchen doesn’t have beautiful artwork but it is filled with the girls’ creations.

I know we have clutter everywhere some days and the high chair straps have so much Weetabix stuck to them, it’s unreal but I know this time will not last. One day I may have a tidy, pristine house but I’ll probably miss the sticky fingers, the peas all over the floor and my gremlin’s clothes on the landing. Time flies and although the mess can really get on top of me, I’ll try and cherish these times.

That or my parents are having them over Easter, so hubby and I can Spring clean!!!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post