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My Top 10 Favourite Moving House Memories

It is hard to believe we moved house over a year ago. The time has flown. It was even stranger for me, after having little Piglet, as I had never been in the new house not pregnant so to come home with a baby; that felt odd and really emotional.

Moving house can be stressful. Packing with kids. Boxes everywhere and undoing everything when you get to the new house. Paperwork, phone calls and waiting! Your world is turned upside down for a short period of time.

However, I do look back on moving homes quite fondly and these are my favourite memories.

– The best has to be picking up the keys. Knowing that house is yours and all the hard work and worrying has paid off! We nipped into town, bought some lunch and food for tea and headed over to our new place, keys in hand.

– Seeing our old house empty! This sounds mad but it was lovely to walk around before we left, see the space we brought our first baby girl home to and say goodbye. I wasn’t that sad to be honest; we were ready to move on.

– Picking the gremlin up after nursery and bringing her to the new house. She was really excited and ran about all over. She didn’t take too long to settle in which was brilliant.

– The fab removal men. They worked so hard and I have never know any 3 chaps drink so much tea with A LOT of sugar in, ever. It was important to get a good company and someone like Shiply offer a good removal service to ease the pressure.

– Our first meal in our new house. We had a lovely steak and although I couldn’t drink, at 4 months pregnant, hubby chose me a lovely fizzy drink instead.

– Unpacking like loons. I may have been pregnant and I had the most stonking cold but we unpacked so quickly. The gremlin was at nursery for a couple of days and we wanted to nail it. It started to feel like home really quickly.

– Having one of my best friends living next door! It was her that pushed us to look at the house in the first place and we were so glad she did.

– Sitting and chilling in the new kitchen. It is bigger than in our old house and has a lovely feel to it. I just wanted to spend all my time in there. I think it was ages until I actually spent time in the lounge!

– Buying some new furniture. When we bought our first house, the guy left everything as he was moving to the States. When we moved again we could finally buy new sofas and an American-style fridge!

– Driving home from work for the first time to our new place and thinking “This is MY house!”

Best feeling ever!

What about you? Do you have fond memories of moving homes?

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