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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

Personally I would love a personal trainer. I think wouldn’t we all? There are so many gym fails out there, we all need a bit of help. They are often useful outside the gym too.

Therefore it isn’t really a surprise that Personal Trainers are the most sought out professionals in Cornwall.

StarOfService’s top 10 ranking for the most requested service categories in Cornwall on May 2017 has just been released and personal trainers are the number #1 Professionals on the Top 10’s list for the highest requested.

StarOfService is the leading platform on the online services market in Europe. The data and statistics collected for 2017 up until now, allows us to estimate whether this trend is expected to continue. This is great news for the professionals offering these services through StarOfService’s platform.

Check out below the top 10 ranking for the highest requested Professionals in Cornwall, according to StarOfService:

  1. Personal Training.
  2. Hair styling.
  3. Dermatology.
  4. Artistic makeup.
  5. Pet grooming.
  6. Dog walking.
  7. Dog training.
  8. Window cleaning.
  9. Plumbing.
  10. Driving lessons.

These same services are also in hot demand in other UK major cities, like Leeds, London or Glasgow, although not necessarily in this same exact order nor with the same growth ratios.

According to StarOfService, the number of requests for these categories has had a growth of 10% since April. And that growth is expected to continue as the hot summer months approach!

Personal Training and Hair Styling Professionals should expect to receive several new clients in the forthcoming weeks, as these two service categories will continue to remain on the top 3 ranking for the next few months. Also, worth mentioning are the pet related services like Dog Walking or Pet Grooming which, according to previous years statistics, are also expected to maintain their position in the Top-10 list until autumn.

StarOfService ( is an online services marketplace that connects, in a rather simple and quick way, clients looking for a service provider with experienced professionals available to help them. From personal trainers to yoga instructors, to plumbers and wedding photographers, StarOfService has around 900 different services available, grouped into three categories: events, home, and wellness & personal care.

StarOfService was founded in 2013 by Lucas Lambertini, Toni Paignant, and Maël Leclair, and currently operates worldwide in over 80 countries. The platform receives over 200,000 requests from clients monthly, which are handled by StarOfService’s community, composed of more than 20,000 registered professionals. German investor Point Nine Capital is amongst the ones that are actively invested in the company.

As an extra service, StarOfService periodically generates lists and statistics analyzing the market’s trends, which aim to provide useful information to all users, and especially to all the registered professionals in the community, so they better take advantage of the opportunities presented in their niche areas of business. According to Monica Zamfir, StarOfService’s International Director, these statistics, and data are really helpful for the professionals, because they help them to plan, and also to compare the status of their niche categories in their city with what is happening in other regions of the country.