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Remembering Shopping with My Grandma #stressfreeshopping

Remembering Shopping with My Grandma #stressfreeshopping

I remember when I was getting married and we need to take my Grandma shopping for something to wear for the occasion. She was at that point living in a care home and struggling with her mobility.


We knew that she wouldn’t be able to walk around our local town; it would be far too hard for her and we knew we would have to take her out in her wheelchair. It was a challenge! Moving the wheelchair around the clothes and displays was not an easy task. She was always hard work and it took a long time to find the fussy madam what she was happy with to wear. I remember us taking her out for lunch after we had found the right outfit for her, which she found a lovely treat but it was tricky manoeuvring her into the space behind the table. Toilet trips were not easy and letting my Grandma have that independence to move around where she wanted was also. Our experience was not an example of stress free shopping!

I think in hindsight she could definitely have done with a mobility scooter in her later years and it would have made life a bit easier if she wanted to get out and about.

Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who exist to provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs.  Since 2009 they have provided healthcare and mobility products to over 100,000 satisfied customers. They stock mobility scooters, wheelchairs and zimmer frames and recliner chairs. 

Spring is on its was and it’s the time that everyone starts to get out and about and this should be no different for those with mobility issues. From my limited experience with my Grandma, these are my top tips for getting out and about with your friends and relatives with some problems with walking.

– Consider a mobility scooter or wheelchair. The scooters would give more independence but at least a wheelchair means you can get out.

– Plan! Check out places to eat that are easily accessible for wheelchairs and have easy access toilets.

– Similarly check out reviews of local shopping centres for accessibility. Are they user friendly? What have others thought and will it be a pleasant experience for you all?

– Take help. We went as a little group and this made life easier getting around. More hands eh?

I often think about my Grandma on special occasions, going for a cuppa and scone and wish she could come along too. I have lovely memories. I’m hopeful many others with mobility issues will get out and about for some #stressfreeshopping this Spring.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.