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Surviving Flights with Young Kids

Surviving Flights with Young Kids

Any parent knows that travelling with young kids can be an absolute nightmare. It’s difficult enough to head out to the local shop with young kids in tow, never mind hop on a flight to another country!

If you’re planning on heading abroad with the kids this year, below you’ll discover some awesome tips for surviving flights with little ones.


Take plenty of on-board entertainment

Whether you’re heading off on a short or long-haul flight, you can guarantee your kids will get bored very easily. Young children have very short attention spans, so you’re going to need to provide plenty of distractions to keep them entertained.

Toys, books and snacks are all great distractions. Obviously, you only have so much room available in your carry-on luggage. So, you won’t be able to take their entire toy collection with you! However, having a good selection of time-busting toys will help tremendously.

Wait until the last second to board your flight

Under no circumstances will you want to pre-board. You and your kids are going to be trapped inside quite a small space for the duration of the flight. So, why start the nightmare before you have to? Always wait to board as late as you possibly can. This is especially true if you’re heading off on a long-haul flight such as Sri Lanka.

Always choose an aisle seat

One thing that’s going to make your life so much easier, is choosing an aisle seat. Remember, young kids have an uncanny ability to need the toilet what feels like every two minutes. So, if you’re crammed against the window, you’re going to have a very long flight!

If you’re unable to book an aisle, it’s definitely worth trying to convince another passenger to give up theirs. Beg if you have to! After all, it will also be a better option for them if you aren’t having to ask them to move all the time. Speaking of the toilet, an additional tip is to ensure you’ve got plenty of wipes with you! You can guarantee when you do take your little one to the toilet, they’re going to make a lot of mess which needs to be cleaned up.

These are just some of the great sanity saving tips to help you survive flights with young children. Wherever you’re going and however long the flight is, always follow the tips above.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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  1. April 24, 2018 / 12:00 pm

    Thanks for the tips on travelling with the kids. Being organised is definitely key to stress free travelling. We always take lots of games, puzzles, books, pens and notebooks to keep the kids entertained along with healthy snacks!!!