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Tips for Visiting New York City With Kids

Tips for Visiting New York City With Kids

New York is a city filled with buzz and excitement. There are so many things to do and see in NYC, but the fun is not just limited to adults. Kids can enjoy everything that the Big Apple has to offer. You just need to know what the best tourist attractions for kids are when you are touring the city. This is a unique city in many ways and it is a destination that your kids will love from the moment they land in the city. It is a city that is fast paced, but you can keep up and find lots of things for your kids to do if you know where the best spots are. There are a few tips for visiting NYC with kids that can help you to have the best time on your trip with your children.

Here are the top tips to follow when visiting NYC with kids:


If you are going to be visiting the city with kids, a pedi cab really is the only way that you should be taking in the views. It might be a bit pricey for the entire family to ride in a pedicab, but it is the best option. You really can get the full experience of the sounds and smells of the city while riding in a pedicab. It might be a way to get around, but your kids will enjoy the pedicab ride so much that they won’t want it to end. Touring by New York Pedicab Services is something that you need to see to believe.

Central Park

Taking your kids to the park might be an activity that you do on a typical Saturday, but Central Park is anything but an ordinary park. Central Park is in a great location and it offers so much for kids to do. From a zoo to climbing walls and water features, there is plenty of fun in Central Park for the kids of all ages. And the best way to see it by Central Park Pedicab Tours.

Boat Tours

Most kids really love the water and taking a boat tour can be a great way to spend an afternoon in the city. Circle Line Boat Tours take off from 42nd street and take you to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. This means that you can see more of what the city has to offer in style instead of having to walk around. Boat tours can be really affordable and kids will love to see the view of NYC from a boat. You may want to look into getting tickets for an attraction from here.

FAO Schwarz

Kids love toys and this is one of the most iconic toy stores in the world. No matter what interests your child may have, there are so many things to check out when inside this huge toy store. The life size keyboard on the floor is a tourist attraction that your kids will love. You can even practice playing chopsticks on the big piano with your child. This large toy store is a main city attraction that your kids will not want to leave.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

If there is one thing that your kids are sure to love while in the city, it is the candy bar. This candy bar is something that you have to see to believe with so many different candies that you can choose from. There are more than 7,000 types of candies that can be found in this store. This is more than enough options even for the pickiest of kids.

Going to NYC can be fun for the entire family as long as you know what the best spots for kids are.

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