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My Mini Me – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!!

My Mini Me – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!!

My Mini-Me.

I guess it’s something we all aspire to when we have kids. A little person that is just like you. They may look like you but it’s not just looks, it can be personality, interests and mannerisms too.

I’m very aware my eldest is certainly not a Mini-Me when it comes to her looks. She is a clone of her Dad and apart from her hair, bum and legs, which I know are mine, my genes have definitely not won any prizes.

Personality wise I think there are aspects of both of us. Her loudness, silliness, chattiness, fickleness and energy I have been told are very similar to how I was as child. My gremlin never stops talking and wants a lot of love and attention. This is however, on her terms which I have also been told is very similar to how I was. She will tell you if she isn’t interested however cutting it may be. On the other hand she started school very quiet and not very confident. She keeps her head down and does fear getting into trouble. I often worry she is missed and I have been told this is very like my husband.


There are some aspects of my childhood personality I remember very clearly and probably my poor brother does too, for not the same reasons as me!

I was a tease, a wind up merchant, basically a pain in the ass. I wound my brother up something chronic. Back in the days of when he was a toddler, my ultimate achievement was to do something so subtle it would elicit a piercing scream. I thought no one knew but of course my family knew I was being a little s**t quite a lot of the time. You think your parents are stupid but they know it all. I’d poke him, tell him mean things, take pleasure in taking his toys and there was the occasional slap. Yep, I was a mean big sister quite a lot.

This behaviour has definitely been inherited by my gremlin. She is such a tease to her poor sister who obviously loves the bones of her but does not like being interfered with and will loudly protest if this happens.

I have lost track of how many times I have had to yell and tell her off for grabbing her baby sister. She gets sent to her room, ordered to get out of the bath, banned from screen time but it doesn’t always work. That little monkey will quite obviously look for ways to wind up her baby sister and it drives me mad!! It’s the look in her eye; the glint, the pure enjoyment of causing trouble and I know I was just the same.

So sometimes careful what you wish for….do you really want a mini me?